I hate him

Adam has just got home from having dinner with his brother at the Lord Nelson. It was a gourmet set course meal with beers matched to the food. Let me share with you the menu.

oysters natural
with three fruits
06 deus brut des flanders 11.5% – belgium

steak and kidney ravioli
three sheets pale ale 4.9% – sydney nsw

confit of asian spiced duck
sauteed shitake king browns bok choy
little creatures pale ale 5.2% – freemantle wa
111 pale ale 5.4% – sydney nsw

from trentino alto ita
broadside 200 8.7% – sydney nsw

oven baked flourless chocolate pudding
rich chocolate sauce and mascarpone
six month keg conditioned old admiral 6.1% – sydney nsw
coopers stout 6.3% – adelaide sa

He has now used the phrase “fucking awesome” at least a dozen times in telling me about his evening. I hate him.

Next time I’m going too.

6 thoughts on “I hate him

  1. When we arrived we where handed glasses of the deus brut. I sipped it thinking it was champagne, i found out later it was beer made in the champagne method, i knew i was in heaven.I don’t like oysters, but these were dressed in passionfruit, strawberries and mandarin. The matching of the champagne beer with oysters was inspired.Next came the ravioli with three sheets ale. Again i don’t like steak and kidney, but the crisp taste of the ale really accentuated the meat flavors.The Chinese style duck with two beers was mouth watering but the highlight would have to be the parmesan style trentingrana cheese from northern Italy with the outstanding broadside.Finally we eased into our chocolate pudding with a special keg aged old admiral (old admiral is my favorite of their usual beers on tap).The company was great and some guys talked about beer and late beer hunter Michael Jackson.Did i mention the wait staff were excellent and our glasses were never allowed to be empty?It WAS awesome.

  2. F*ckin’ Awesome. Can I come too next time? I’m sure I can dig out some frequent flyer miles from somewhere!

  3. Added to my list of “things to do when no longer pregnant”. Minor detail of needing to be in Sydney, but that’s ok. It just sounds wonderful!

  4. I hate him too. Adam, are you making a list?Reading the menu, I was a little concerned about the snakes in the 3rd course…

  5. I’m making a list and checking it twice.Did I mention I took pictures :-)I got pictures of everything except the cheese, i think i was too busy eating it… cheese, beer, who would have thought.My phone takes crappy pictures so they look all grainy, but hey after 6 or 7 beers everything looks grainy to me as well.Apparently these nights happen every 6 months or so.

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