My hands are still cold

I spent nearly half an hour standing outside in the cold from 9pm tonight talking to one of Dave’s teachers (who is made of awesome) after the School Council meeting. I was explaining to her why Dave had come home this afternoon from their 2 day excursion to Bathurst, got in the car with me and alternated between telling me how much fun he’d had doing gold-panning and meeting farm animals and fighting back tears as he told me about the bullying that he and his friends had endured at the hands of a certain group of extremely unpleasant children. It never bloody stops.

Then I came home and went for a walk with Bren and the dog, answered emails, wrote a P&C report for the school newsletter and drank two cups of tea. Most of me is warm but my fingers are frozen.

4 thoughts on “My hands are still cold

  1. Aren’t kids just wonderful? That sounds much like all of my camp experiences, although with the girly equivalent of bullying – exclusion and ridiculing. I hope Dave’s ok, it seems so bloody unfair that kids go through this stuff.

  2. Ya know childhood is freaking hard enough without morons making it more difficult.I really hope that something is done to address what happened Mim. No childs enjoyment of life and learning should be spoilt by bullies.Tard

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