Beorg-wic was fun

We spent the weekend at Beorg-wic which is the annual conference of the Ancient Arts Fellowship. It’s held at a site on the Danelaw property on the edge of the Moreton National Park near Braidwood. We were there with the Huscarls though only one other group member made it to the camp but everyone there was very welcoming and friendly so that was ok. The weather was marginal, we had a bit of rain each day so we were very pleased to be able to pack up with a dry tent!

I wasn’t entirely expecting to be able to say this (what with having had a horrible lurgi and not really looking forward to spending 3 1/2 days with no facilities other than pit toilets) but happily I can, I’ve had fun this weekend.

I won’t do a full re-cap now but you can have a few pics.

Caitlin outside our tent. We had a bit of trouble finding a spot big enough to fit the tent in.

Caitlin with her bow outside our tent

The campsite was just gorgeous. We had mist and fog and sunlight through the trees, pitch black nights dotted with firelight and on the last night the cloud cleared and there were stars.

Tents in the trees

This was the communal area, in the evenings everyone sat around the fire eating the vast quantities of fabulous food that was provided by the AAF.

Sitting around the communal fire

See? Fun!

One thought on “Beorg-wic was fun

  1. Once again i’m envious Mim! The site looks lovely (and flat…) and it sounds like fantastic fun :^D Look forward to seeing the horns at Abbey next year.

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