This will be a photo free post*

Adam finally went to the doctor to have his ingrown toenail dealt with this afternoon.

The beginning of this story is probably about 10 months ago when his occasionally troublesome toe began to be a frequently troublesome toe that never quite got back to normal. I suggested he go to the doctor. The toe remained swollen and sore. I nagged him to go to the doctor. The toe got a little bit better…but then went right back to ickyness. I INSISTED he go to the doctor. He took to soaking his foot in antiseptic every night. And then, eventually, a couple of months ago off to the doctor he went.

The doctor said “I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this bad”, put him on antibiotics for several weeks and said when the swelling had gone down a bit to come back and get the nail cut out.

The weeks passed.

The deed was done today in the doctor’s surgery with local anesthetic and Adam came home feeling slightly wobbly, he thinks the local may have spread a little further than intended. My mum was here for the afternoon and asked him “Are you in pain?”

“Probably, but I can’t feel it.”

*You really don’t want to see what it looked like at its worst.

5 thoughts on “This will be a photo free post*

  1. I don’t think I want to look at it at it’s best thanks Mim! Glad he put his big boy panties on and went to the doctors!Nat

  2. Years ago I had the same problem but left it for 6 months til my toe was twice its normal size. Dumb. Had to have surgery. Not good. Toe looks normal now though.Tell him I sympathise

  3. OK, you know that now I want to see it! Remember this is coming froma girl who loves nothing more than a ripe cat fight abscess to puncture and squeeze, so that should put my desire to see in perspective for you LOL I love gross things!

  4. Men are silly aren’t they? I’ve had the same sort of experience with Darren – only not quite so icky – when he needed a root canal.

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