Margaritas and fajitas

We went out for dinner tonight, we headed off without a destination in mind, took Adam’s mum grocery shopping and then dropped her home (she’d spent the day at our place just hanging out but was too tired to come out for dinner). As we pulled out of the driveway at mum’s place we settled on somewhere at Crows Nest or North Sydney. Adam suggested Had to Happen (he’s been there a few times for work lunches). Well. Margaritas and all you can eat fajitas, who could say no? Not me, that’s for sure!

I stuck with the traditional margaritas (mmmm tequila), Adam had a tropical one followed by a beer – Dos Equis Amber – and the kids had coke and lemonade. I completely failed to take any photos, which is a shame because the spread of food for the 3 serves of (all you can eat!) fajitas for Adam, David and me was quite impressive. Tom ordered a taco and some nachos to share with everyone and Caitlin had a bowl of corn chips. Yep, that’s right, I let my daughter eat corn chips and soft drink for dinner. The food was goooood and did I mention the all you can eat thing? The staff were attentive and friendly and the service was quite quick, we were there early and the place was pretty empty when we arrived, I imagine things would slow down as the tables filled. I’m not much bothered by how the food would measure up in terms of authenticity but as far as edibility goes I offer David’s comment “That was better than Curry House!” which from him is high praise indeed.

For some inexplicable reason (I suspect an error in order taking at another table) Caitlin was offered a free hot chocolate when Adam and I got our coffee, she was so awed by her good fortune that she did take a photo. I’d share it but I can’t find her camera, I presume it’s in her room somewhere but darkness and a sleeping child hamper my searching.

Sadly the pricing means this can’t become a regular haunt but we’ll be back a some point for sure.

4 thoughts on “Margaritas and fajitas

  1. YUM YUM YUMO!!!!If we end up coming to Sydney sometime next year (Tentatively planning) I’m TOTALLY going!Pity James isn’t into Mexican food at all.=0(

  2. It must be the Caitlin’s! My Caitlin had corn chips and soft drinks when we were out at a Mexican place in Nelson on holiday recently. Bad mothers? Nah.

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