Friday Fragments

Hosted by Mrs4444. Friday fragment flit and flutter around in one’s fogged up fancy, frustrating one’s faculties and forcing a foundering of fullfilling fought thought! Sorry. All that alliteration almost absconded with my ability to articulate accurately. Ahem. I’ll stop there and offload some of these pesky flittering fragments shall I? Don’t forget to visit other Friday Fragmenters via the blog hop links below! ***** Cystitis sucks. It’s also the reason there was no decluttering pics yesterday. I got home from canteen duty at the high school, went to the loo, thought “uh oh, that doesn’t feel good” and within the … Continue reading Friday Fragments

Asking for help

This morning I went with my Mum to see the counsellor that she’d seen a few times when things had got a bit too much after she and my Dad parted company. We made the appointment a couple of months ago at a point when I was feeling very concerned about David, worried about my dad and Adam’s mum and had begun to feel very much like I had when Tom was very young and Adam had been traveling every second week and I had ended up on anti-depressants for a while. I’m a little less immediately worried about David … Continue reading Asking for help

Good things

It was a little scary how much of this I ate before thinking “Hmmm, that might be enough.” I blame @The_Ausmerican On Monday afternoon Caitlin arrived home with these They’re from the lovely Juliette who I know through the kids’ school and who occasionally comments here, she decided to spoil me with real flowers instead of virtual ones after reading my recent posts. Thank you so very much Juliette, they made my day and I’ve been enjoying sitting here on the lounge with that gorgeous display visible over the top of my laptop screen all week 🙂 Almost all the … Continue reading Good things

Friday fragments and Linkfest No. 15

Hosted by Mrs4444. When you get to the bottom of this post don’t forget to come back up here and click on this link to Half-Past Kissin’ Time so you can go check out all the other fabulous Friday Fragments … Continue reading Friday fragments and Linkfest No. 15

Picking up the pieces on a Fragmented Friday

Hosted by Mrs4444. I’ve been a bit scarce around the blogosphere this week on account of it not having been the greatest week ever, I tend to read but not post or comment when I’m stressed. I don’t really have much by way of amusement or fascination to offer today, rather I seem to be dumping a whole lot of whinging out for you instead. For fragments that might be a little more fun to read, head on over to Half-Past Kissin’ Time and find out what everyone else has on offer this week. **** On Sunday night last weekend … Continue reading Picking up the pieces on a Fragmented Friday

Making plans

No resolutions, no grand plans for the year, no lists of things to accomplish. Just the intention to plan ahead a little bit at a time and try not to let things get too overwhelming. By the end of last year I was really not doing too well, I had made too many commitments and left myself stretched way too thin. I kept thinking it should be ok, I wasn’t really short of time and other people were managing to do as much and more without crumbling into a heap. But I’m not other people, I’m me and I have … Continue reading Making plans