I’ve been redecorating

When I switched to the 3 column template there were a few things about it that I wasn’t quite happy with but I had no idea how to go about changing them. Today I decided to see if I could find a new template that would do what I wanted it to. I googled and I clicked my way through to endless hideously designed blogs offering free templates that were either way too busy for my taste or just didn’t work. So frustrating.

Then I found myself here reading a tutorial on how to create a 3 column template by customising a 2 column one. OMG, I get it! HTML begins to make sense! I did a lot of playing around testing things out on my test blog and then once I had it behaving I took the plunge and brought the new template over here.

Do you like it? I’m a bit concerned that the layout is too wide, though it should be ok on newer monitors, is anyone having to scroll sideways to see it all? Other than that, I think I’ll try to get the header image a bit shorter, I’ll probably play with the fonts and colours a bit and I’m still trying to get the flickr badge centered.

We won’t talk about how many hours of my day it swallowed up.

7 thoughts on “I’ve been redecorating

  1. I don’t need to scroll, but I’m not sure how useful that is, I’m reading on a short, fat mac screen…Very impressive, I haven’t ventured past widening a template, and it loads funny.

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