Eastern Water Dragon

Look who came to visit us this afternoon!

Stalking the dragon

Caitlin dragged the dog inside saying there was a lizard in the backyard and freaking out because she once saw Clara dismember a blue tongue lizard at the dog’s previous home back before we inherited her. At first I assumed she was talking about a bigger than average skink but, no! We all piled out on to the back deck and there down by the back fence was this great big Eastern Water Dragon. Adam took one shot from up on the balcony and then I grabbed the camera and went downstairs to see how close I could get.

He watched me stalk him and let me get within about 2m of him in the end, he was probably about 60cm long (though I’m notoriously bad at estimating length), and he seems to have had an injury to his tail at some point. There’s a creek down the back of our place, running through a narrow bit of bush, I just love seeing that such a small area of suburban reserve can support such gorgeous creatures.

He watches me with suspicion

4 thoughts on “Eastern Water Dragon

  1. Whoa – weird word verification there that I had to share – the word I got was pomnat – I kid you not.N

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