I haven’t had dinner yet

I so need to be more organised.

If only I’d started working on my P&C stuff 2 days earlier.

Then I wouldn’t have discovered, at 10pm last night, there was a document that needed revising which I had been previously unaware of and I would have started writing my speech then instead of at 12:30am.

And I wouldn’t have been up till 2:30am failing to finish writing the speech I had to give at the Kindy orientation meeting for parents tonight.

Which would have meant I could get dinner cooked early in the afternoon instead of spending the time trying to make my sleep deprived brain come up with something informative and welcoming to inflict on the parents tonight and for someone else to read out on my behalf at the session tomorrow morning.

Which would have let me eat some real food before going out at 6:40pm instead of heading off with only a banana in my tummy (not that bananas aren’t real…). I wonder if I sounded completely spacey with the tired and hungry? There were friendly smiles and shaking of hands after the meeting so I must have done something right.

Of course, when I got home at 9:00pm instead of the expected 8:30pm I had to make a phone call. Then Bren and Di arrived to go for a walk (we took Clara and Adam with us tonight – the toe is muuuch better). Post-walk I sat on the lounge and said to Adam “I haven’t had dinner yet”.

Apparently my dinner is in the microwave (Adam cooked, and he and the kids ate after I’d gone out), but in order to eat it I’d have to stand up, go to the kitchen and press a couple of buttons.

I’m not sure I have it in me to engage in such strenuous activity at this point.

Good thing it was a pretty big banana.

One thought on “I haven’t had dinner yet

  1. I hope you found the energy to get something ‘real’ in your stomach! And I’m sure you were a hit with the parents…how could they not love you?N

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