Prop 8

Yesterday the Californian people voted for change when 61% of them gave their votes to Obama. But they also voted against change when they passed Proposition 8. It seems 52% of Californian voters could not find it in their hearts to say no to a constitutional amendment that would say to some of their fellow citizens “you are not good enough to share the same rights and privileges that I have”.

I had hoped.

I had hoped that logic and compassion would prevail.

I had hoped that the bigotry and hatred of the Yes on 8 campaign would be seen for what it was and rejected by the voters in California.

I had hoped because where the US leads Australia often follows and the rejection of Proposition 8 would have been a strong step in the right direction.

I had hoped but when I saw the results coming in that hope was replaced by a feeling of deep sadness.

To everyone who is affected by the passing of Prop 8, I am so sorry.

California Proposition 8:
Ban on Gay Marriage
This measure would amend the state constitution to specify that only marriages between one man and one woman would be recognized as valid in the state. If passed, the measure would trump a May 2008 ruling by the California Supreme Court that legalized same-sex marriage.

9 thoughts on “Prop 8

  1. Hey Mim,I think it’s so sad when one group of people are able to determine what is ‘right’ or ‘natural’ for any other group of people.Obama’s election does give me hope though – perhaps sometime soon people will be able to see past sexual preferences the way they’ve slowly been able to see past skin colour. At least I hope so.I long for the day when we won’t read headlines sensationalising marriages like Ellen and Portia’s, or elections like this last one – because we’ve truly become an understanding race where everyone is valued as a human being and differences are celebrated rather than the soapbox now.Nat

  2. I keep hoping that people were confused about the wording of Prop * and voted yes to keep gay marrieage by mistake. I hope.

  3. It really saddens me to say it, but I’m not surprised. At all.I won’t go on and on about this but it really does bewilder me that the people who talk the most about ‘love’ and ‘values’ are the same people who seem to cultivate hate.I hope one day it will be different.

  4. Much sadness from yesterday’s election when it came to gay rights. 3 states voted to amend their State Constitution to define marriage as being between 1 man and 1 woman. Florida, Arizona, California.From what I’ve read, the No On Prop 8 group is challenging the results, asking for all absentee ballots to be counted and asking for a recount. It was VERY close. I’ve also heard that the overwhelming percentage of voters that voted yes were african-amercian voters which deeply saddens me. Also troubling is that Arkansas voted to make it illegal for gay people to adopt. A great day in American history, a day that changed our landscape. My vote was cast for Obama and I have much faith and hope in all that he an dhis fmaily will bring to the leadership of our country. But a sad day when we are reminded of how much ignorance and hate and fear still exists. And at the cost of families and children.

  5. You know…..Suze2000 could have a point! Those props ARE really hard to understand. The one we had in Fort Worth was about alcohol and it was SO confusing. I was completely lost. Later I saw a comedian making fun of these prop things. They ARE very confusing.I try to look at the bright side of things. It’s sad that it wasn’t passed, but at least it’s close to a 50/50 thing and not something like 80% people were against it. So almost half of the people in California and open-minded decent people. And hopefully the numbers will keep increasing.The thing that IS a bit disappointing/discouraging is California is seen as one of the most open-minded states. The thing is though…also I guess I’m not that passionate about the marriage thing. I think we should just outlaw marriage for everyone. It’s a bit archaic and so often ends up in divorce anyway.I think what’s more important (in my opinion) is gay adoption. I think there needs to be more effort put forth in that direction. There are so many children needing homes. It’s sad that it’s not easier for gay couples to adopt children.

  6. Was just reading about the issue. I didn’t realize California allowed gay marriage and then took it away.I think that’s ten times worse.I’m starting to wonder about California.They also recently stripped rights away from homeschooling families.Something is going wrong in that state.Very sad.

  7. Hey Mim,Yes – you got it in one. Very sad day (not for Obama, but for Prop 8 to pass). Also as sad are the people on facebook currently trying to remove him from office before he’s even in office. I wonder what the demographic of the members of these groups are. Maybe it’s just me or is the image we have in Australia of Americans very different to the 1990s?I honestly hope that we stop ‘blindly’ following them and just stand up for rights here. (Imitation may be the best form of flattery, but what are we flattering?)Interestingly I blogged yesterday about two guys at work discussing prop 8 – it was quite enlightening as all three of us are homosexual – yet had very different views on marriage itself and why we would/would not want it. Turns out none of us wanted to get married (I suppose we’d never thought about it so it was never a desire).. but the other two did want to throw keyboards to ensure the right was in place… heh.I on the other hand would just be pleased in having the same rights, without a label, and without a big deal around it. Deep down if you love someone and know it’s returned (and live in a country where any benefits or whatever the case is that might apply – you have the same rights as a heterosexual couple).. well – hey – happy with that! :o)Keep up the interesting blogging..

  8. I still feel sick about this. That prop. 8 passed put a real damper on the election for me. All the back-patting and talk about how far we’ve come in terms of discrimination and equal rights and opportunities rang a little false…there’s just still such a long way to go.

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