Friday Fragments and Linkfest No. 12

Hosted by Mrs4444. A tossed salad of bits and bobs from the week just gone with a touch of things to come for extra flavour. Be sure to pop over to Mrs4444’s place for other fragmentary offerings for today! 1. On Wednesday afternoon my 12 year old walked into the loungeroom , smiled at me and said “Hi Mum, you’re awesome.” I can live with that. 2. The second dwarf gourami is dead and we’re down to one rummy nose tetra in Tom’s tank. I’m not buying anymore fish till after Christmas, that should give all the tanks plenty of … Continue reading Friday Fragments and Linkfest No. 12

Teaspoon update

Caitlin talked to her teacher and the group was asked to change their name. They’re now called the Gummi Bears 🙂 No-one was difficult about it. The girl who had originally chosen the name and given the explanation of its meaning protested that she didn’t mean anything by it, which I take to mean she was a bit embarrassed to be called out on the matter. I’m also pretty sure she’s never given any serious thought to the issue, she’s just following along with the mob. I wonder how many teaspoon nudges it takes to get a mob to change … Continue reading Teaspoon update

Wielding her teaspoon*

Caitlin’s class has recently re-arranged their seating and each table group gave themselves a name. Caitlin is sitting with the “Gaybo” group. I asked what the hell that was supposed to mean. Apparently, according to the kid who suggest the name, it means “we’re not gay.” *sigh* I was glad to hear Caitlin had no part in choosing the name. David tells me that “gaybo” is used as an insult by kids at the school, so how it also means “not gay” isn’t quite clear to me, but either way it’s problematic. Thing is, if my “that’s dodgy” radar went … Continue reading Wielding her teaspoon*

Prop 8

Yesterday the Californian people voted for change when 61% of them gave their votes to Obama. But they also voted against change when they passed Proposition 8. It seems 52% of Californian voters could not find it in their hearts to say no to a constitutional amendment that would say to some of their fellow citizens “you are not good enough to share the same rights and privileges that I have”. I had hoped. I had hoped that logic and compassion would prevail. I had hoped that the bigotry and hatred of the Yes on 8 campaign would be seen … Continue reading Prop 8

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that

I had a long conversation with my daughter recently which was sparked off by a couple of things that had come up at school. It started with her recounting a conversation that took place when the word “gay” was used an insult by one one of the boys to one of Caitlin’s friends, the friend responded by asking him if he knew what gay meant and he replied “Yeah, it means happy”. Caitlin’s friend said “No, it’s when 2 boys or 2 girls love each other” and Caitlin chimed in with “Well, there’s nothing wrong with that”. Then Caitlin’s friend … Continue reading Well, there’s nothing wrong with that