Wish me luck

Tomorrow I’m off to a new-ish job. I say “ish” because it’s with the same company that I made my first foray back into the workforce with back in June. I’ll be doing 2 half days a week in the office, and now that they’ve moved to bigger premises my bestest mate Jen and I are able to be there at the same time so I’m quite looking forward to that.

I’m still doing 2 half days at the bookshop as well so I’m only left with one day to myself. I’m actually a little worried that it’ll all end in tears, or that we’ll be eating toasted sandwiches for dinner several nights a week because I can’t get my act together.

So, um, yeah. Wish me luck!

13 thoughts on “Wish me luck

  1. Good luck!I have a feeling you’re going to do fine–probably more than fine.And if by chance you don’t, it will give you something interesting to blog about ; )

  2. Good luck Mim – you’ll be fine. And I agree with Liz…nothing wrong with toasted sandwiches.Hugs…Nat

  3. I am a firm believer that working part-time is the best of both worlds. I am sure that you can balance work and family just fine. Now to figure out how to fit ‘blogging’ in there as well!

  4. Also the kids are getting older now and could TOTALLY help with food prep!I unfortunately had to go back to work when Liam was only three months old. We DO have a lot of takeaways. Frozen home made stuff like lasagne, Quiche, shepards pie etc are also good.just needs a little more organisation and asking for help.=0)lol my word verification word is zoinglub. Sounds like an orc!

  5. Today was the day for starting new jobs. Nerida started hers too. Hope it all went well. I reckon I’d start with delegating the washing… 🙂

  6. Mim, good luck. May it all work out. I’m sure you’ll manage and so what if toasted sandwiches are what you have for dinner. No one will starve!

  7. Wow, good luck! They’re lucky to have you.And I also love sandwiches. We’ll have them for dinner tonight in honor of you!

  8. I reckon the most important thing to remember is that if you’re working outside the house, all of the stuff inside the house isn’t automatically your job (actually, if you’re home full-time, it’s still not automatically yours it just seems that way). It might be a good idea to mention that to the other people who live in the house if you haven’t already.

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