Things I’d like to know.

Why do my forearms and fingers ache today? Did I manage to sleep on both arms all night or something?

Why are embedded YouTube videos in blogs, including my own, not showing up for me today? They worked just fine yesterday.*

Why did it take me at least 2 hot and grumpy hours this afternoon to figure out that the reason the brand new ducted air-conditioning wasn’t cooling the house was that if you leave the door to downstairs wide open then it’ll do a sterling job of cooling the rooms you aren’t inhabiting but bugger all for the part of the house you’re in?

Why does my son think that if he half-hears what someone is saying in the next room he can interrupt and demand to have the conversation repeated for his benefit?

Why do some people find it necessary to sneer at the interests of others as though only their own preferences and interests are valid?

And finally, what are we having for dinner? (Don’t say toasted sandwiches – we’re almost out of bread!)

My day has been a little on the frustrating side. Did you guess?

*Never mind, I did the turn everything off and start again thing and they came back.

7 thoughts on “Things I’d like to know.

  1. Oh father, who art in heaven, Reboot be your name :-)I see your frustration and raise you a fruitlessness!As far as dinner goes, eat out.Nat

  2. And that would be OUR father of course.We had that last night…tonight was fish in the oven with home made chips.Bring on Saturday at 12:30 as well I say!!!N

  3. I don’t know if it’s the moon, the time of year, but I have also felt very irritated for no good reason this week. I was so relieved to get over the hump day, over with…get me past the Ballet Concert saturday night, and Sunday is looking very appealing right now.

  4. “Why do some people find it necessary to sneer at the interests of others as though only their own preferences and interests are valid?”I’ve had HUGE fights about this issue before.

  5. sending cyber hugs and emassages your way.I had a really grumpy morning. I am quite ashamed at yelling at Liam this morning. He was kicking the back of my chair and also moaning all the way to work/creche We had cuddles and kisses when we hopped out of the car.Feeling himan again.

  6. I hope today’s going better. There has been an enormous amount of yelling and short tempers in our house fr that two or three days, with Charlie even resuming the “I’m not going to Nessa’s” chant this morning. I am now going to turn on the air conditioner, ignore my guilt, and try to get some work done in something resembling a pleasant mood. Then I may hunt again for Bobgreen.

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