Mum’s taxi

7:30 am – Get up, shower, dress and do Caitlin’s hair and make-up.

8:25 am -Take Caitlin to dance dress rehearsal for Ballet.

8:40 am – Come home, have breakfast (egg and bacon roll cooked by Adam, because he is awesome), wrap birthday present for party Tom is going to, frantically search for invite which isn’t on the cork board where it’s supposed to be, make card on computer.

9:40 am – Go back to pick up Caitlin.

9:55 am – Drop Caitlin home so she can get changed and take Tom to party.

10:05 am – Decide to write blog post now because…

10:40 am – Take Caitlin to dance dress rehearsal for Hip Hop.

10:50 am – Go do grocery shopping hopefully managing to get it home and put away before…

11:55 am – Back to pick Caitlin up.

12:05 pm – Lunch is looking like a good idea about now.

1:40 pm – Go pick up Tom from party.

2:00 pm – Re-do Caitlin’s hair and make-up.

2:30 pm – Take Caitlin to dance dress rehearsal for Song and Dance.

2:40 pm – Oh, I don’t know, maybe do some laundry?

3:25 pm – Back to pick up Caitlin.

And then, at 5:00 pm I’m going out to my 20 year School Reunion which I feel kind of weird about.

7 thoughts on “Mum’s taxi

  1. I love it. The hair and make-up. Too funny! I love my Lulu dearly but these girls are high maintenance. I was very pleased to find out that my next would be a boy! Hope the reunion went well.

  2. I’m sure you’ll have a great time at the reunion, there’s always something amazing about what someone’s done in the last 20 years. :)That is, of course, if you can stay awake when you get there.BTW, on the 13th, Ben has been invited to another birthday party in the afternoon…

  3. Yes, I am so relieved my daughter’s ballet concert is now over…the hair, the make up, the rehearsals…and next year she says she wants to do jazz and tap as well….sigh

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