Daiquiris at 1 am not recommended

I had fun last night, chatted to a whole bunch of people I hadn’t seen in 15 or more years, drank too much champagne, danced way more than my feet liked and, in exchanging tales of what we’re all doing with ourselves lately, realised that I probably have a few more projects and activities on the go than average.

I called Adam to come and get me at about 12:45 am, we got home and he asked me “Tea or coffee?” Apparently I replied “Mango daiquiri” (I confess I vaguely remember this) and the next thing I know he’s out in the kitchen digging out the blender and making a whole jug of boozy mango deliciousness.

Oh man, it was difficult getting up this morning and I don’t think I was much use helping out at the BBQ for the school Christmas Markets this afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Daiquiris at 1 am not recommended

  1. Sounds like an exceptional night Mim. I partied “virtually” with a friend last night – no mango anythings though, just bubbly.Glad that you enjoyed yourself.Nat

  2. Hurrah for mango daquiris LOLGood to see you’ve got Adam in cocktail making form for the Christmas shindig. Not that I’ll be drinking. I am, of course, driving.

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