I got nothing, have some giant microbes:


Last November I got to day 22 before hitting the wall and fobbing you off with my shoe collection, I hate to think what depths I’ll be driven to in another week from now.

I think what this collection has over the shoes is its undeniable cuteness, geek value and the therapeutic benefits of being able to throw small stuffed toys at one’s children while yelling “Plague! Mad Cow Disease! Flesh Eating Bacteria!”

The kids have devised a complex game with specific rules for the use of each critter. Various diseases can only be launched at your opponent under certain conditions, possession of the white blood cell is hotly contested, and should you have the misfortune to find yourself with custody of both the egg and sperm cell you are required to imitate the gait of a heavily pregnant woman for a set period of time (yep, even if you’re a boy). It’s all very educational.

13 thoughts on “Plague!

  1. A lot of them came from ThinkGeek but the most recent acquisitions came from Infinitas (staff discount FTW!). I’m pretty sure Questacon has stocked them in the past, their online shop is closed at the moment.

  2. I love these guys so much. They used to sell them in the Medsoc bookshop at uni, but sadly I never bought any. But they are cute!

  3. Ah thank you – she thought he looked familiar but couldn’t place him. Will now go and look for the pocket Ninja as well :-)N

  4. If the Knight hangs around the bacteria and virus’ (virusi??) for too long he’ll have more than just a flesh wound πŸ˜‰

  5. You can do it, Mim. Think of me with all those daily posts…something always appears. Just when I am convinced I will have absolutely nothing to offer.Love these and thanks for the links to a couple of interesting new places for me to browse.

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