3 thoughts on “A plethora of Python

  1. The four of us are watching “The Life of Brian” – I’m not sure how age appropriate it is but I’m game enough to blame you!Thank for the link – Em loved the Cheese shop and the ministry of silly walks.Nat

  2. It’s not age appropriate at all! Which pretty much ensures that my kids love it. Though their favourite of the movies is The Holy Grail.It’s possible that I may have undertaken to demonstrate silly walks when on school excursions. Just once or twice. Fortunately my kids like me being silly 😀

  3. Just noticed your Twitter feed – your mother is on facebook? ACK!!! My mother hasn’t, thanlfully, mastered email yet let alone facebook!Life of Brian watched and children to bed. We’ve watched the holy grail and it’s definately Em’s fave. I’ve spent all of tonight saying “Em, Biggus Dickus is not appropirate to share with your friends at school!”You’re a bad influence Mimbles – and I love it :-)|Nat

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