Quick Hit: The Gruen Transfer

In tonight’s episode of The Gruen Transfer the challenge for the segment titled The Pitch, in which “two of the advertising industry’s finest agencies are pitted against each other and challenged with selling the unsellable”, was as follows: “We live in a country and culture obsessed with thinness. Every day and in every way, plus-sized people are made to feel inferior. Ostracised. Ridiculed. Humiliated. Yet the truth is, more Australians are overweight than skinny. We want a campaign that will end Shape Discrimination, that will make people who can’t squeeze into model-size clothes feel better.” One of the ads submitted … Continue reading Quick Hit: The Gruen Transfer

I’m going to read to you whether you like it or not!

Today I spent the whole day feeling like nothing was working out quite the way it was supposed to. I had planned to give myself the morning off, once I’d dropped the kids at school I was going to come home and spend an hour and a half doing whatever I bloody well wanted to and then pop up to the school 30 minutes before my Canteen shift began to partake of the Helper’s Morning Tea – a thank you from the staff to all the parent who have helped out at the school throughout the year (I’ve never been … Continue reading I’m going to read to you whether you like it or not!

I’ve always wanted to be Robin Hood

I may have mentioned that particular ambition before. The reason I bring it up today is that we finally made the phone call and arranged to meet the people from Norther Archers archery club. We hopped in the car and went to the range to say hello and fill out application forms for the beginner’s course. It’s probable that we’ll have to wait till January to actually do the course but at least we’re on the waiting list. We may still investigate other clubs as there doesn’t seem to be much accommodation for the kids at Pennant Hills and I … Continue reading I’ve always wanted to be Robin Hood

Link-fest No. 6

Feel like reading something silly? There’s a new post up on yogabeans! A review of Deadwood on Heroine Content. Train your goldfish with a training kit from ThinkGeek. Ninja cat comes closer without moving PhysioProf and Dr Isis are engaged in a recipe war. I find it oddly compelling. The Vorkosigan Companion will be mine. My lovely friend Susan has a new blog featuring cats and vegan food porn for your reading pleasure. And lastly, The Rotund has managed to convince me that taking the kids to Disneyland/Disney World might not be a completely terrible idea. Caitlin will be ever … Continue reading Link-fest No. 6

I did the whole SQUEEEE!!! thing in public

Ozfinn sent me an sms this morning that caused me to horribly confuse the people at my Weight Watchers meeting by announcing to all present “OMG Richard Dawkins is going to be on Dr Who!!!!” Blank looks all round. “It’s a geek thing…actually it’s an atheist geek thing…never mind.” So, when I finally got around to sitting down this afternoon for some serious blog reading I was not surprised to see a post on Pharyngula on the subject. I followed the link via richarddawkins.net to The Independent and I’m currently half-way through reading an article there which I simply couldn’t … Continue reading I did the whole SQUEEEE!!! thing in public

So far so good

Sink – still shiny.Laundry – all clean, dry and folded. Still some to be put away and LOTS of ironing to do.Exercise – weights training on track every second day, need to get moving on the cardio. I should be able to get another swim in tomorrow. Hey, I know it’s early days, but I’m celebrating every little success thankyouverymuch! My bike hasn’t arrived yet, I rang the shop this afternoon and they said Monday hopefully. I was hoping to have my first ride on the weekend but it’ll have to wait. David has written 2 blog posts in the … Continue reading So far so good