This weekend

We have:

Demolished most of the kitchenette downstairs in the rumpus room (L-shaped bench and the cupboards underneath) to make room for the old entertainment unit.

The old entertainment unit

Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the crap that came out of the demolished cupboards.

Moved the old entertainment unit (yeah, that bloody great thing ^) from the lounge room, out along the front path, down the precipitous driveway, through the garage into the backyard and then back in to the rumpus room.

Moved two huge bookshelves to make space for a clothes rack in our bedroom.


Shifted another bookshelf from one end of the lounge room to the other.

Kid's books (mostly)

Worn out hubby

It used to be down in that other corner where the lamp is now.

Taken a car full of rubbish to the tip.

Put up the Christmas tree and laid out all the other decorations.

The Tree

The tree was entirely assembled and decorated by the kids, I haven’t touched it at all.

The Dalek is jealous of R2's hat

I suspect the Dalek may be jealous of R2’s hat, must find another one, can’t be having robot wars in the lounge room.

Noise making stuffed toys go up high

I’m in the habit of putting the noise making stuffed toys up high, unfortunately the kids went and grew so that no longer stops them being set off ad nauseum.

Found the missing Advent Calendar that I made when Dave and Cait were tiny.

I found the advent calendar

The kids were gratifyingly excited when I produced it, apparently it competes quite well with the Lego one.

And then went out for dinner at Lowenbrau.

It's OK, he's laughing

Surprisingly, this did not end in tears.

Adam and I both ache all over from the books and furniture moving, but ye gods it feels good to have that wretched entertainment unit out of the way. It had been sitting where the tree is now, across in front of the window, for most of this year. Suddenly my lounge room feels twice as big as it did.

6 thoughts on “This weekend

  1. omg Trogdor shirt! Ahahaha. :)I do rather think that R2 looks smashing in the hat; could I perhaps recommend a wig for your special little Dalek? They rock that look, let me tell you.

  2. How refreshing to have a cleanout. DH and I talked about one int he weekend. Yet to spring into action.Love that action shot of the kids.

  3. Your book cases are my dream come true. My books are all piled up in the corner and along the walls. Thanks for the christmas messages and hope that you have a great time. Your home looks so lovely and Christmassy (I´ve put my on hold as things are just too stressful. Next year). Maybe I´ll bump into you when I am in Sydney.

  4. I think we have the exact same Christmas tree. And the exact same lights. And the exact same decorations. Hung in the exact same kid style.My hairdresser asked me what theme I was going with for our Christmas tree. His is black, apparently. “Kids’ tackiness,” I replied.It’s glorious.

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