That was the year that was*

There’s been bits I could have done without and there’s been times that have not been fun for anyone living with me, but I’m finishing the year feeling not too bad at all and on reflection 2010 had a whole bunch of pretty fabulous bits too. Here’s a few of them. A beautiful day at the beach at Terrigal in January Armidale Dark Ages camp at Easter The kids at Cruickshanks farm stay after the Armidale camp. A fabulous Mothers Day feast A trip to Cockatoo Island with my Mum. Yulefest in Moss Vale with wonderful friends A walk with … Continue reading That was the year that was*

Thankful Thursday

I’m taking a leaf out of Ariane‘s book for this one (oh, and I believe there’s some sort of big holiday about giving thanks happening overseas somewhere…), here’s what I’m grateful for today: Friends who respond to a very last minute invite to a candle party (like a Tupperware party only with, well, candles), and turn up at my place to provide great conversation and remind me how lucky I am to have wonderful people in my life. Children who rise to the occasion when I really need their help and do a terrific job cleaning up and, as David … Continue reading Thankful Thursday

Dried leaves in boiling water…

…an exercise in associative blogging. Tea. My Nanna (Dad’s mum), who I remember as teaching me to drink tea – no sugar, a bit of milk, strong and hot. Breathing in the steam from the mug, cupped in cold hands, sitting around a campfire at night. So many glorious camping holidays with my family and my mum’s twin sister’s family when I was a kid. Yum cha, the brew getting stronger as the meal progresses until the pot is refilled and it goes back to hot water lightly tinged with colour and flavour. The ritual of Grandma’s teapot, readied before … Continue reading Dried leaves in boiling water…

Sleeping – a picspam post

I was going back through all my photos on my laptop looking for images for another post that’s sitting in my drafts folder and I kept coming across photos of me or one of the kids with either a child or a pet asleep on top of us. Here they are. Tom, post spag bol, with Samantha Aug ’05 Me with Samantha Sept ’04 Me with Tom April ’03 Ok, we might be foxing just a little bit in this one. Me with Tom Dec ’02 Caitlin with James not sure of the date, she’d have been 2-ish 50 Things … Continue reading Sleeping – a picspam post

Good things

It was a little scary how much of this I ate before thinking “Hmmm, that might be enough.” I blame @The_Ausmerican On Monday afternoon Caitlin arrived home with these They’re from the lovely Juliette who I know through the kids’ school and who occasionally comments here, she decided to spoil me with real flowers instead of virtual ones after reading my recent posts. Thank you so very much Juliette, they made my day and I’ve been enjoying sitting here on the lounge with that gorgeous display visible over the top of my laptop screen all week 🙂 Almost all the … Continue reading Good things

18 years

I was 18 years old when we first started talking about “when we’re old and grey.” When I came home and told my Mum that we were planning on getting married her reaction wasn’t quite what I was looking for, she was wary of me committing so young. One of Adam’s friends took it upon himself to tell me to back off, I asked why he was telling me he had a problem with Adam and I being engaged, wasn’t he Adam’s friend? I was so furious that I made him drive me to Adam’s place and tell Adam what … Continue reading 18 years

An afternoon at the beach

This afternoon, just after lunch, Adam decided to bake bread rolls. I do like that he’s impulsive sometimes but it would be nice if he didn’t so frequently decide that he can do something in x minutes when in actual fact it is going to take x minutes + 1 hour. Anyway, Tom had a great time helping to make the rolls so it was totally worth it! The bread rolls came with us to the beach, filling the car with the scent of freshly baked bread for the 40 minute drive. I completely failed to take a photo of … Continue reading An afternoon at the beach

Pictorial fragments from the past week

Hosted by Mrs4444. This week’s Friday Fragments has, very conveniently, been put off till Saturday which means I didn’t have to be incredibly rude and spend part of Christmas Day hiding away behind the laptop in order to participate. Of course just because I didn’t have to have net time yesterday doesn’t mean I stayed completely away…. I’m so addicted. Head on over to Half-Past Kissin’ Time for more fragments from the festive season. **** Our camping trip to Fingal Bay last weekend kicked off to a great start with us stuck in a traffic jam on the freeway, we … Continue reading Pictorial fragments from the past week

Party time!

Our Christmas party on Saturday afternoon and evening seemed to go well, I certainly had fun and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one. We began the afternoon with the traditional sharing of diseases. What? That’s not part of your usual Christmas celebrations? Viv, aka tigtog, fared particularly badly on the contagion front. A little later on, just as Adam had been obliged to duck out for a few minutes, this strange man dressed in a completely inappropriate fashion for a summer day in Sydney, turned up carrying a sack full of goodies. The kids seemed to know what … Continue reading Party time!