John Scalzi offers “A Story For a Donation”

From John’s blog:

Hey kids! I’m doing a holiday fundraiser!
Short Explanation: Science fiction writer and publisher Vera Nazarian is about to lose her home due to various medical and legal expenses. Various folks are fund raising to help her make the payment on her home. My contribution is to offer you a free short story behind the cut below. If you like it, consider donating a small sum via PayPal, which I will send to Vera next Saturday. For the first $1000 sent to the PayPal via the address provided in this entry, Subterranean Press will match the contribution 1-for-1, effectively doubling your donation.

To read the story, and find out more about the fundraiser, click here:
Subterranean Press Presents:
The State of Super Villainy
By John Scalzi

Btw, the latest report on the LJ community running this fundraiser is that the amount for the overdue mortgage repayment has already been raised and they are working towards dealing with some of the other problems Vera is facing.

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