Adrenalin nightcap

Earlier this evening I was suddenly seized with a craving for serious chocolate. I had no luck with my attempt to send Adam on a mission to the Guylian Cafe before he came home so when he got here, after 11pm, I decided to head out to the supermarket myself.

Look, I wouldn’t have gone if we hadn’t also been in dire need of sandwich meat and fruit so it’s not quite as bad as it sounds.

My hunt for serious chocolate was a success, I now have a box of fancy Lindt morsels and they were even on sale. I haven’t opened them yet because I had to tell you all this story first.

Are you fascinated so far?

I got home, got out of the car, juggled 2 bags of shopping, 2 Macca’s coffees and a Macca’s sundae (for Adam), managed to lock the car and then started walking across the footpath towards our garden. I was anticipating the need to dodge the resident bug catcher at the beginning of the path when suddenly my eyes refocused on a point approximately 3 inches from my nose.

A point which was occupied by a dangling, wriggling, eight legged giant which I had come thiiiiis close to walking into nose first in the dark. She was twice the size of the lovely lady I photographed on Tuesday morning and was just starting to build her web. I stopped abruptly, recoiled, swore, did not spill the coffees and then continued on down the front path examining the air in front of my nose at every step.

And now I don’t feel even remotely sleepy.

Ye gods am I glad I didn’t walk straight into her.

8 thoughts on “Adrenalin nightcap

  1. Wait a minute… Adam wouldn’t stop at the store for you on his way home from work, but you had to pick up something for him since you were already going to the store? Oh so not fair! My ex did this to me once when I was pregnant and craving Burger King. So I went to BK myself. On the way out the door, he asked me to get him a whopper. And stupid me did it.Oh the willies I just got reading about nearly hitting the spider! YUCK!!! Glad you got your craving for chocolate satisfied!

  2. Holy CRAP! You handled it WAY better than I would have. I would have dropped everything while shrieking and most likely soiling myself.

  3. Again I proudly day I’m so happy I’m in Auckland land of the NO-SPIDERS-bigger-than-your-face!HAHAHAHAHAI hate spiders. Cockroaches I DETESTMy first Flat was an old villa which was INFESTED with roaches… You couldn’t do anything about them because the buggers flew in from the mangroves. In the end I had to move out pretty much after I woke with a biggie on my FACE!BLURG

  4. Actually Adam was out with his brother at a German restaurant in the city and I tried to call him but his phone had died. It turned out that by the time I rang he was on his way home anyway so it was a lost cause all along. Funnily enough when he came home he told me he’d walked past the Guylian cafe earlier in the evening and commented to Gaz (his brother) that he should tell me it was there.

  5. I don’t mind being near those big spiders. They never look like they might muckle onto you. But then, I wouldn’t want one on my head. I don’t think close encounters with large spiders will be taking over from a nice cup of coffee for a wake-up call around here, if that’s all right with you. However effective.

  6. I’m impressed you didn’t spill the coffees. I probably would have swore and or screamed and dropped the coffees. Well done.

  7. I’m glad to be corrected, Mim! And also glad you hubby isn’t at all like my ex was! He just flat out wouldn’t go to BK for me, but as I was walking out the door to go myself (I was 8 months preggers at the time and having wicked cravings!) He said, “Get me one while you’re at it!” prick. That kind of stuff doesn’t happen with John.

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