It’s been a long, long time since I last played chess and I wasn’t particularly good at it back then, I figured I was doing well to remember the moves for each piece and how to set up the board.

Dave and I both claimed that we had no idea what we were doing but I suspect he was trying to be kind to me, after all he has 6 months of chess club under his belt. I was doing so well right up to the point where I completely failed to notice my queen was under threat and David snaffled her up with a hoot of triumph.

We continued with our war of attrition with David getting quieter and scowlier by the minute as I cleared his pieces from the board until finally he was left with just his king and queen. At which point I skilfully backed myself into a corner and the bugger WON!

I’m so embarrassed.

War of attrition

By the way, the scratches on the board? Are cat claw marks. Don’t ask.

2 thoughts on “Chess

  1. I remember how to move, but haven’t the patience for strategy. Or maybe I’m just lazy? I haven’t played chess for years, and much prefer backgammon. I tried to play chess with my husband, but he took so long over each move that I gave up. I’m kinda a two-second-a-move girl, which is not very conducive to winning.As for the claw marks — that must be one serious cat!

  2. I love chess. I’m not particularly good at it, but I’m better than I was 3 years ago when i took it up b/c I’d always wanted to play.I’m also not very competitive. As a matter of fact, when I lose at chess, I’m rather delighted, because I’ve learned to look at the game in a way I was unable to earlier. My husband thinks I’m odd in an endearing sort of way.Oooo Oooo Oooo. If you’ve got young ones to whom to teach The Game, then may I recommend No Stress Chess. One can play it the traditional way or the No Stress way which uses playing cards to tell you which piece you have to move next REGARDLESS. It’s very cool ‘cuz it gets the new players excited about how each piece can move when left to its own devices. Splendid. My 2nd grader and I play several times a week.PS Cat scratches add character to everything.

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