Friday fragments and Linkfest No. 15

Hosted by Mrs4444. When you get to the bottom of this post don’t forget to come back up here and click on this link to Half-Past Kissin’ Time so you can go check out all the other fabulous Friday Fragments … Continue reading Friday fragments and Linkfest No. 15

A room with a view

I was sitting in the office this afternoon, by myself, listening to the sound of the creek at the bottom of the gully coming in through the open balcony door and thinking how lucky I am to be working in such a lovely environment. I’ve been meaning to take photos for a while now but I always think of it too late and don’t have time to muck about with the camera before rushing off to be on time for the kids, but today I wasn’t in a huge hurry, so photos there are. This is the view from our … Continue reading A room with a view

The Australian bush

This post is for Louise in response to her question about the landscape described in John Marsden’s Tomorrow series. I grew up across the road from “the bush” right here in suburban Sydney and there’s a little bit of bush behind our house now, we camp in the bush, we go bushwalking in all sorts of bushland, people get lost in the bush (sometimes fatally and surprisingly close to civilization). We have bushfires, not forest fires, irrespective of what sort of landscape is being burned. We also have rainforest and heathland and deserts and scrubland and marshland…but it’s all “the … Continue reading The Australian bush

Adrenalin nightcap

Earlier this evening I was suddenly seized with a craving for serious chocolate. I had no luck with my attempt to send Adam on a mission to the Guylian Cafe before he came home so when he got here, after 11pm, I decided to head out to the supermarket myself. Look, I wouldn’t have gone if we hadn’t also been in dire need of sandwich meat and fruit so it’s not quite as bad as it sounds. My hunt for serious chocolate was a success, I now have a box of fancy Lindt morsels and they were even on sale. … Continue reading Adrenalin nightcap

Pretty raindrops (and spider pic)

*Warning – post contains a photo of a fairly large spider* I almost walked into this going down the front path this morning. It’s been there, right on the edge of the path for about a week now, sometimes just a little too far over and whoever is first out the door of a morning cops a face full of web. At least it was easy to see today. Pretty raindrops. Here’s the owner. Continue reading Pretty raindrops (and spider pic)

All that nest building paid off

Remember our brush turkey neighbours and the enormous nest mound they built? It worked. This evening there were three juvenile brush turkeys wandering around in our backyard. They look even less interesting without the bright red heads and brilliant yellow necks of the adults and they really didn’t want me getting too close but I managed to grab a few photos. Continue reading All that nest building paid off


I feel a little less safe from storms after today. Living, as we do, at the bottom of a gully, sheltered from the worst of the winds in the storms that come through this part of Sydney, I’ve always felt pretty safe even though we are surrounded by tress that, if they fell, would do some serious damage to the house. Earlier today we had a very brief storm hit, it wasn’t particularly windy but there was some fairly heavy rain. And now we have slightly less tree than we used to. Fallen branches Two fairly decent sized branches have … Continue reading Lucky