It’s been one of those days

It took me about an hour tonight to offload to Adam all my angst about today. Poor man.

Work was busy but good, though I was 2 cups of coffee short by the time I was heading back to pick the kids up from school. This may have had a detrimental effect on the rest of my afternoon.

The kids were fighting before we’d left the school grounds (Again. Have I mentioned their tendency to do this?) – can’t blame the lack of coffee for that – and things pretty much went downhill from there. We had homework angst, hyper screeching silliness, repetitive quoting of movies (we’re talking the one line over and over again here, they just say it back and forth between themselves), yelling over the top of each other, and of Grandma and me (I think Mum being here this arvo probably saved my sanity) and groans and grumbles over being asked to help clean up the house.

Then I started cooking dinner.

“What are we having?”

“It’s a frittata.” I say, as I chop up onions, red and green capsicum and left-over pork, ginger and shallot sausages.

“Eww! Egg with sausages! Gross!” This from the child that had sausages, bacon and eggs for breakfast at the cafe on Saturday morning. (Also, he was the only one who actually ate the frittata.)

Yeah, I’m a sucker for punishment. Nothing like scare the kids cooking to top off an awesomely bad day.

Let’s just say the dog ate well.

(So did Adam and I, it was a good frittata.)

After dinner the kids apparently decided it would be fun to engage in a bout of shrieking at each other in the hallway accompanied by the slamming of doors. At this point, on the verge of completely losing my cool, I picked up my keys and purse and left the house. Didn’t even tell them I was going. I passed Adam on his way home a block from our place which made me feel a little better about buggering off like that. I came back with a maccas cappuccino a few minutes later, Adam headed off to sword fighting with David and Tom and Caitlin stayed very quiet for the rest of the evening.

And I’m not even telling you about the fun phone calls I had to deal with. *sigh*

11 thoughts on “It’s been one of those days

  1. Oh how I feel your pain. We had many moments this weekend that very much explain why I’ve rediscovered the calm that comes with an end-of-day glass of wine…

  2. I adore frittatas and would be oh so grateful for one any time you want to bake one off and send it half way around the world to me.I don’t miss the sibling squabbles although my older son used to abuse my younger daughter very stealthily until the inevitable screech of pain and misery came. It will get better Mimsey, I promise. Have a nice glass of Shiraz and a long soak in the tub.

  3. Arrggg. Our Sunday was much like that – the boys had stayed up ’til almost 11. *shudder**hugs* Hope today is MUCH MUCH better.Although now I want to hear about the phone calls. Sorry, can’t help myself, I’m a sticky beak. 🙂

  4. oh sweetheart !good for you getting out of the house- the best thing to do always. my kids have an age difference of 6 years so when they were younger there was never fighting or squabling- they love each other.still, a quiet nest is something we all wantand coffeeLisa xx

  5. Liz – Hot chocolate with butterscotch schnapps works quite well too :)Alix – I don’t fit in my tub! It’s tiny and shallow and if I get in the water gets out :(Ariane – If you remember next time I see you I’ll tell you. Assuming I can remember 😛 They weren’t that exciting.Lisa – It’s kind of handy having a Maccas just up the road, it’s the perfect distance for the sanity saving escape. I get to do the dramatic leaving and I’m back inside 5 minutes with caffeine!Penny – Today has definitely been better, I think they’re scared of me 🙂

  6. I agree with you Mim. It was (in my case) very handy having maccas up the road. We also quite liked having the Indian that close as well. Where we are now, we are about 30 mins away from the nearest Maccas and have had it twice since being here in Italy!Glad to hear your day has been better.

  7. I remember those days! I still have them from time to time when my son comes home from college and has the audacity to take over the tv or eat something from the pantry that Dani has designated as HERS!!! Oh empty nest syndrome is looking better and better all the time!

  8. Ah, don’t you just love living with kids? Mim, you and I, and a whole lot of others, are right in the thick of it. It’s gotta get better, right? (And it does. I know. There are some priceless times too. But sometimes…)That frittata sounded very yummy!

  9. I’ve just had a morning like that and I was the only one home. It started with a call from school about an ‘incident’ at touch rugby last night where E got hit on the head deliberately by another kid. And E ends up having to write a letter of apology. Excuse me?? One visit to the principal later and I am so over teachers. Why does everything have to be so PC – my kid was the victim and he had to apologise!!! Grrr…. anyway nice to see I wasn’t the only one having a bad day. Let’s have a better one tomorrow!

  10. Awe! All of THIS after we just read that great post about laundry day! Yuck! I’d love to come eat your frittata with you. No one at my house eats that… or quiche either! Coffee always makes things better… as does 3 glasses of wine (which I rediscovered recently).

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