Corn, cucumber and capsicum salad

Purely so I don’t forget what I did: Tom’s birthday dinner last night was, by request from the birthday boy, nachos, and because I decided I wanted some extra veggies I grabbed these things: 1 420g can corn kernels drained1 lebanese cucumber, diced1/2 red capsicum, dicedolive oil, a drizzlewhite wine vinegar, a splashgarlic powder dried coriander leaves And made this: Corn, cucumber and capsicum salad And it was good. I had leftovers tonight and it was still good. What’s in the photo is the leftovers of the leftovers, also known as tomorrow’s lunch. Continue reading Corn, cucumber and capsicum salad

Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday is a weekly meme hosted by The Girl Next Door Grows Up (click the button above to go visit her). This week Liz at Eternal Lizdom has stepped up to the mark to host while The Girl has a break. I’ve seen Liz and others post to the meme over past weeks, it’s a nice warm fuzzy idea and I could do with some warm fuzziness, so I’m joining in. I’m going with the list prompt – 5 things that made you really happy this week. 1. Our Yulefest holiday At the end of last week we … Continue reading Feel Good Friday

Anglo-Saxon cooking spree

This little book has been sitting on the shelf in the kitchen for a while now waiting for someone to feel like embarking on a culinary adventure. Around about lunchtime today Adam declared that he was going to cook an Anglo-Saxon feast for dinner. So he did (with the odd anachronism thrown in). The book is Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England by Mary Savelli and the blurb on the publisher’s website reads thus: These 46 easy to follow recipes will enable you to enjoy a mix of ingredients and flavours that were widely known in Anglo-Saxon England but are rarely experienced … Continue reading Anglo-Saxon cooking spree

An afternoon at the beach

This afternoon, just after lunch, Adam decided to bake bread rolls. I do like that he’s impulsive sometimes but it would be nice if he didn’t so frequently decide that he can do something in x minutes when in actual fact it is going to take x minutes + 1 hour. Anyway, Tom had a great time helping to make the rolls so it was totally worth it! The bread rolls came with us to the beach, filling the car with the scent of freshly baked bread for the 40 minute drive. I completely failed to take a photo of … Continue reading An afternoon at the beach

Pictorial fragments from the past week

Hosted by Mrs4444. This week’s Friday Fragments has, very conveniently, been put off till Saturday which means I didn’t have to be incredibly rude and spend part of Christmas Day hiding away behind the laptop in order to participate. Of course just because I didn’t have to have net time yesterday doesn’t mean I stayed completely away…. I’m so addicted. Head on over to Half-Past Kissin’ Time for more fragments from the festive season. **** Our camping trip to Fingal Bay last weekend kicked off to a great start with us stuck in a traffic jam on the freeway, we … Continue reading Pictorial fragments from the past week

Chorizo and smoked chicken risotto

I’ve been meaning to make a risotto that involved chorizo for quite some time so when Adam announced this morning that he’d really like risotto for dinner I decided tonight would be the night. Not having a recipe that quite hit the mark I decided to experiment and wandered about Woolworths popping anything that seemed like a good idea into my trolley. As I began cooking tonight, Tom asked my Mum if she was staying for dinner – she’d been helping out with the kids’ homework as she often does on a Monday afternoon, because she is made of all … Continue reading Chorizo and smoked chicken risotto


When the weather turns cooler and the fridge is full of veggies that really need to be eaten what else is there to do but cook soup? So out came the big pot for the stove, and the crockpot too, and I got to chopping veggies. Vegetable and barley soup For this one I used 4 onions, 4 teaspoons of minced garlic, half a bunch of celery – cooked in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil for a few minutes – then 4 parsnips, 4 carrots, a swede, 800g can of crushed tomatoes, 2.5L of beef style veggie stock … Continue reading Soup!