Bloody hell, even the lollies are gendered

I went to the supermarket this afternoon and decided I’d pick up some special treats for the kids because it’s school holidays (ok and maybe for me too). I ventured into the confectionery aisle, something I rarely do after having been trained to avoid it like the plague by years of shopping with nagging children, and was greeted by the sight of these monstrosities. Can someone please tell me what the fuck is wrong with a straight forward party mix? (Which, incidentally, is still available.) Why the hell did someone think lollies needed gendered marketing anyway? They’re lollies, they come … Continue reading Bloody hell, even the lollies are gendered

It’s been one of those days

It took me about an hour tonight to offload to Adam all my angst about today. Poor man. Work was busy but good, though I was 2 cups of coffee short by the time I was heading back to pick the kids up from school. This may have had a detrimental effect on the rest of my afternoon. The kids were fighting before we’d left the school grounds (Again. Have I mentioned their tendency to do this?) – can’t blame the lack of coffee for that – and things pretty much went downhill from there. We had homework angst, hyper … Continue reading It’s been one of those days

Well, that was extraordinarily frustrating

Santa brought Guitar Hero World Tour for the kids this year. It was unpacked and set up with much excitement…and then nothing, the game wouldn’t start up, we couldn’t get the PS2 to read the disc. Great. We know it’s not the player, all the other games still work just fine. Rather naively, as it turns out, we assumed that we could simply take the disc back and have it swapped for one that worked. HA! Oh foolish ones! We took the disc in to EB Games at Hornsby and explained the situation. We were told that no, they couldn’t … Continue reading Well, that was extraordinarily frustrating

Someone should do something

Let me paint a picture for you. Your child is starting kindergarten next year. Perhaps this is your first child to be heading off to school, perhaps it’s your last, either way the kid is looking forward to it. You and your partner have got the school holiday child care juggling act all figured out and you’ve managed to arrange things so that you’ll be able to have the day off for the first day of term and one of you will be available to pick your child up each afternoon after school for at least the first week. After … Continue reading Someone should do something

Dear member of the shopping public

When you are talking to people who are working or shopping in a sci-fi/fantasy bookshop it might be wise to keep to yourself opinions such as this: “Anyone who buys a sonic screwdriver or a lightsabre, without the excuse of a 3 year old to give it to, is someone who is in desperate need of serious therapy.” I couldn’t let it pass so I joined in the conversation with “My husband owns a sonic screwdriver that the kids are most definitely not allowed to touch and which lives in the pocket of the jacket he wears to work.” “He … Continue reading Dear member of the shopping public

Woe is me

I’d like to put in a complaint to the universe. I keep getting sick and I’ve had enough! I feel like I haven’t had more than a few days in a row well in 6 weeks or more. I’m not sure if I’ve had several different bugs or if it’s just the same one recurring on me, I suspect the latter. I know my Grandma and my mum’s twin sister have both had a pretty nasty one that hung on for about two months. I’ve spent the entire school holidays with something that ranged from full-on aches and fevers to … Continue reading Woe is me

Bloody Telstra

Today we were booked in, without any consultation with us as to day or time, to have someone from Telstra show up some time between 8am and 1pm to do an install for an iinet connection. We’d received an email saying that if we didn’t currently have a working Telstra line in the house the technician may need to have access to the house to complete the install and that if there was no-one here to let them in it would cost us $109 to reschedule. Now we’ve been here for 7 years and we’ve been on Optus cable all … Continue reading Bloody Telstra


Today I am wearing my “You Are Here” tshirt from thinkgeek. Caitlin’s friend asked me if it was the milky way. Yes, and that’s where the Earth is I say pointing to the spot indicated on the shirt. Then she asked me if I knew what was in the middle, so I said yes I did, did she know? And she told me, in all sincerity, that in the middle of the milky way there is a big special cross. Um, no, there’s a big black hole says I. And in the middle of that there’s a cross says she. … Continue reading Aaaaaargh!

My first ever letter of complaint.

I’ll be giving one copy of this to Dave’s teacher and one to the Deputy Principal in the morning. Names have been vagued up to assuage my conscience, there are no innocents to protect. Also, I am never going along as helper parent on an excursion with this year group again…. Thursday Oct 15th 2007 To whom it may concern, This account documents my experiences on, and subsequent to, the Year 4 excursion on Wednesday Oct 24th to the Sydney Wildlife World. I found the behaviour of M**** and M*** extremely distressing to myself and embarrassing for the school. I … Continue reading My first ever letter of complaint.

“Stop putting life on hold”

I’m grappling with a certain degree of cognitive dissonance about what I’m doing here. I’ve been reading some stuff on the Fat Acceptance movement, mostly at Shapely Prose and various feminist sites. The idea that no-one should be judged or limited by society due to their physical characteristics has a very strong appeal, also the idea that you should learn to love yourself as you are. I’m more ambivalent about the idea that wanting to make changes to your physical form is by definition not legitimate. Apparently it’s ok to want to be fitter and healthier and to experience weight … Continue reading “Stop putting life on hold”