Seems I haven’t forgotten how

On Sunday we headed out to North Richmond for a Huscarls training and crafting day. Tom was all set to spend the day weaving, so I decided I should break out the tablet weaving loom and get back into doing that for the first time since October last year.

The only question was, would I be able to remember how it worked? Oh, and “where the hell are all the bits of the loom?” (We found everything except the patterns so I made one up.)

Turns out the answer is yes, I do remember, and here’s the results – just over 1m of braid representing about 3 hours work. The tension is a bit wonky and I kept losing track of where I was up to so the pattern isn’t quite regular in spots, but it’ll do.

Bonus cat paws

Now all I need to do is make about 6 times that much again and I should be right to trim a cloak.

7 thoughts on “Seems I haven’t forgotten how

  1. Cool. I especially like the cat paws. :)Hand crafts are just no speedy are they? Are you likely to get quicker with practice or is that pretty much a limiting speed?

  2. Definitely should get quicker with practice. There's a fair chunk of set-up time involved too so for the next lot I'll be starting with much longer warp threads, enough to do all the length I want, so the time per cm will be quite a bit less. And I want Adam to make me a longer loom so I can do a greater length before having to re-adjust everything.

  3. I know the post and pic are about the work you put into that braiding thingee… but I am just so taken by the fluffy paws…

  4. those paws would probably like to play! Braid looks great πŸ™‚ I should like to see a photo of the weaving in action some time.

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