It’s a dead man’s party…

“Who could ask for more?
Everybody’s comin’, leave your body at the door
Leave your body and soul at the door . . .”

Tom’s 8th birthday party in fact, he asked for a Halloween themed party and wanted a cake in the shape of Gachnar the fear demon from Buffy. It’s nice to know he has such faith in my decorating skills (last year 2 years ago he asked for a Balrog). Yeah, no Gachnar I’m afraid. Instead he’s getting this:

Tom's 8th birthday cake

Skeletal arm

The scale is all wrong but I can’t imagine anyone is going to care. It’s in the fridge at the moment, because when I took it outside to take photos the chocolate arm bones started to melt and sag – had to prop them up with toothpicks and scramble to make room in the fridge. Fortunately they survived the experience – these photos are post melt and re-setting. Phew!

14 thoughts on “It’s a dead man’s party…

  1. Oh my Mim…you are, how should I say it?….you are a freaking artist!!! That cake is just great and I love it.I am reading number 2 in the Tomorrow Series by John Marsden (and have #3 at home and ready), and now it is starting to get on my nerves, that I cannot picture "the bush". The way it is described its full of trees you can hide behind and forest-like stuff like clearings and creeks, but I've always pictured it more like, well, a low tangled shrubbery which goes on for a million miles. So how does it really look ;-)Sorry to be SO ignorant, but I've never been to Australia, and I only know your huge country from movies like Crocodile Dundee and such. LOL!!! And from that awful picture you posted some months ago with a spider. Brrrr.Oh, and of course we are a bit related since our Crown Princess is Australian ;o) but I still cannot picture the bush.Can you help :o)Have a great weekend

  2. Thanks everyone, nothing like a little internet affirmation to boost the ego :-)Louise, the Aussie bush is all those things! I'll have to get some photos together to show you the huge variety of landscapes that we refer to as "the bush."

  3. The cake is amazing! I am about to essay a cricket pitch, and have serious doubts about it turning out all right. Your blog is embargoed. I don't want my son getting notions…because I have not a hope of achieving them, alas.

  4. My research tells me that you have to buy special not-disgusting-tasting red food colouring. No information on why it can't all be not disgusting (eg lack of colour itensity, expense, damage to rare plants and/or insects, etc). Thanks for the icing guidance.

  5. So I understand, sadly I never have time to go and buy the stuff because I'm always doing things at the last minute! I should go stock up some day when it's not urgent – I doubt they go off or anything.

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