I don’t think I’ve made a proper birthday cake at all this year. I think I’m suffering cake decorating withdrawals. When we finally get around to having a birthday party for Tom (must send out invites!) there will be proper cake. Better start planning now. Meanwhile, some past creations: So, anyone hungry for cake now? 50 Things post No. 47 Continue reading Cake

It’s a dead man’s party…

“Who could ask for more?Everybody’s comin’, leave your body at the doorLeave your body and soul at the door . . .” Tom’s 8th birthday party in fact, he asked for a Halloween themed party and wanted a cake in the shape of Gachnar the fear demon from Buffy. It’s nice to know he has such faith in my decorating skills (last year 2 years ago he asked for a Balrog). Yeah, no Gachnar I’m afraid. Instead he’s getting this: The scale is all wrong but I can’t imagine anyone is going to care. It’s in the fridge at the … Continue reading It’s a dead man’s party…

Good day

The beginning of my day: Adam has been making me awesome breakfasts for almost 20 years, this morning I said I was craving pancakes and bacon and eggs. I got up, had my shower, got dressed…et voilà! The middle of my day: I took Caitlin shopping. She ended up with FOUR pairs of shoes. They were: school shoes which cost a bloody fortune, long black boots at 25% off bought slightly big in the hope they’ll be good for next winter and 2 pairs of crappy flats from Kmart which cost $5.60 a pair and will probably do horrible things … Continue reading Good day

This was much easier than making a dragon cake

Dave’s 11th birthday party was a big success, the boys all had a great time playing Dungeons and Dragons. I was by no means sure that it would work out today as none of them had ever played before, but all went well under Adam’s expert GM-ing and by the time we were half-way through the session they were all asking when they could come back and play again. Actually, I enjoyed it too, it’s many years since I last played any RPGs, I hope this will be the start of regular games. My level 1 thief did quite nicely … Continue reading This was much easier than making a dragon cake