Sleep deprivation, I haz it

I procrastinated a little too long last night and ended up still working on P&C stuff after 2am which left me with less than 4 hours of sleeping time. I had to get to the shops before school started to get extra supplies for the Kindy Orientation morning tea this morning then go to work and come home to a full afternoon of kid-wrangling – homework, drama class, singing lesson and preparation for the school talent quest tomorrow. Mum helped again, she is totally my hero. Then there was the conjuring of dinner and having Adam’s mum join us for the meal. Sadly, after quite a few weeks of her being sober, tonight she’d been drinking again. After dinner was more homework helping and I’m now sitting here writing a terribly uninspired blog post while David plays Guitar Hero.

Did you know it’s incredibly frustrating trying to take photos of fish? The rotten things just won’t stay still and they keep hiding behind rocks and plants. Adam was totally laughing at me the whole time I was taking the dozens of photos needed to get just a handful that were even vaguely in focus.

Clown Loach

Clown loach

Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf gourami

It’s so far so good on the fish-tank front, all the fish we’ve brought home are still alive, the plants are growing like crazy and the male platy in our small tank is showing lots of interest in his 3 female companions, with any luck we’ll have baby fish before too long.

5 thoughts on “Sleep deprivation, I haz it

  1. Nice pics. Worth the frustration :)It is my aim to one day have a nice big proper fish tank. However that comes after getting a job and paying down debts and other boring shit like that!

  2. Great fish photos. We don't dare have fish around here with our four furry fishermen. I have to get on the Internet and find out what Guitar Hero is. Sounds interesting.

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