School talent quest

This year I had two little performers doing their thing at the school talent quest, both of them practiced hard and both of them were fabulous (I may be a little biased here of course.)

Tom was persuaded to sing without any music, here’s his rendition of the first half of “I Will Survive.”

Click here if you can’t see the embedded video.

6 thoughts on “School talent quest

  1. Doing my usual afternoon rundown of how was school today, the highlight for Tahlia was your two singing. She specifically mentioned that Caitlin has "a really good singing voice"!

  2. I love how Tom almost Runs off stage at the end of his song. have two VERY brave kids.Well done both of youand Well done Mim for surviving a house of practicing kids. Are you singing money money money in your head right now?

  3. Very cool, however I may need to go put some music on in order to evict the "I Will Survive" earworm. Massive kudos to both of them for actually standing up and doing it – although it does help that they can both sing. (Thinking of Ben & his ukelele).

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