Mondays aren’t usually this bad

Today I have dealt with more than my fair share of angst.

I got up this morning with some no small effort and went to check on Tom’s fish tank. I hadn’t done this for nearly a week, Tom had been very responsible with feeding his fish and I’ve been kind of busy. In Tom’s tank I discovered one very ill looking siamese fighting fish lying upside down on the gravel. Tom had to be bundled off to school hoping that his Simo would be ok, I warned him that it didn’t look good. After the kids had gone to school I checked on the fish again and Simo was dead. Then I realised I couldn’t see one of the rummy nose tetras either (found the corpse tonight when I did a water change).

Then I went to feed my fish and one of the dwarf gouramis was dead with the other looking decidedly unwell.

I did find baby platies in Tom’s tank though, just 2 of them, but yeah, baby fish! I think one of Tom’s platies was looking kind of plump!

I had a meeting with David’s teacher just after lunch all about how worried he is about how David will cope at high school and how he’s likely to be a target of bullying and it all so different and how he feels like he’s let David down because he hasn’t “fixed” him or something. Told me he didn’t think David was having a very happy childhood, by which he meant David wasn’t happy at school, wasn’t enjoying it. Yeah, the only way David could suddenly start loving school would be if he stopped being David. I’m aiming to have him survive it myself. Anyway, he was offering to get in touch with the high school and talk to them about David so that they know what to expect. That part I’m very pleased with, I wasn’t expecting it because David doesn’t fit into any categories that are eligible for special consideration or help or anything.

Then I was picking the kids up from school and Caitlin came out of class with tears streaming down her cheeks because she’d missed out on being nominated to run in the prefects elections. Followed by Tom who was crying because there’d been a dead baby bird on the oval earlier in the day and as a bonus some other kid had mocked him for caring about the dead bird. And then I had to tell him his fish was dead. Almost ended up in tears in the school playground myself.

As a crowning glory Adam’s car got a flat tire on the way home and because he has a silly little car that doesn’t have room for a spare he had to wait for a tow truck which he was told could take two hours.

At which point I gave up and went to get fish and chips for dinner, because deep fried potato makes everything better. (Adam was home within the hour, which was nice.)

Know what else makes things better? Kids and puppy dogs having fun.

Clara on the trampoline
Click here if you can’t see the embedded video

P.S. I’ve updated my NaBloPoMo prize offer post with the actual prize options.

8 thoughts on “Mondays aren’t usually this bad

  1. How exhausting!totally a fried spud moment. Hope the rest of the week goes better for you all. Wouldn't it be freakn great if there were Orc loving rollplayers in Highschool… You never know, David may Blossom in HS! (could happen….)

  2. Clara, what a classic! What a crappy day! Especially for Tom – I empathise a lot with being upset about the dead chick. Fish die all the time in tanks, their existence seems particularly precarious. It's why as an adult I only ever risked goldfish as fishy pets, they are far more robust. Though not as pretty as a Siamese fighting fish. If nothing else, it must be nice to have a teacher who cares so much about his students (David).

  3. I love the fact that Tom was upset about the bird, and i think the other kids SUCK!!! Actually, i think all of your kids are awesome, but that maybe they will have to wait a little while for thier time to shine, school can seriously suck. (from experience here) I'm going to go ahead and assume you know all about fish tanks and are just plaqued by bad luck (been there done that) , but if you don't, i am rather well researched in the area, and am the proud owner of a 6 month old siamese FF, so feel free to ask 🙂

  4. *want to say bad words* what a rotten day :(If David can hang on until school is finished I reckon he'd find Uni an entirely different world and one much more suitable for him. I know – a long way off, but school and school kids are so mean and horrible to others that have different POVs. I would be glad that my child demonstrated empathy like David did.

  5. What an awful day! 😦 Though that trampoline makes me want to trampoline a lot… it seems like a very happy-making device!

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