I like lizards

I had just sat down with a cup of tea and a pistachio and cranberry shortbread biscuit (which, incidentally, is rather yummy) when I spotted this intruder perched on the top of my backpack beside the lounge. I love those long toes, so cute!

Teeny little skink

I like lizards

I caught it and took it outside where it promptly ran up my arm, jumped onto my shirt, scurried down my front, slunk around behind me and tried to hide up the leg of my shorts. Fortunately Adam was able to head it off at the pass without hurting it and it’s now back in the garden where it belongs.

5 thoughts on “I like lizards

  1. I rescued a skink from Barry yesterday, but not before it dropped its tail. 😦 Anyway, while the tail was doing its freaky thing, the lizard escaped under bags stuffed beside the fridge. So I reached in under them and eventually pulled out… a gecko!! I know I wasn't mistaken about the skink because this gecko had an almost-grown-back tail. It's like the skink transmogrified! And what's going on under our fridge with all the lizards anyway?!

  2. You crack me up. And what's up with that lizard? Didn't he know you were sparing it's wee little long-toed life? He should have been more appreciative than to be running around in your shorts. On the other hand, maybe he appreciated you too much! LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Much as I hated that enormous lizard-thing you posted on flickr, I LOVE those smaller lizards. We do not really have them in Denmark, but they are very common in Egypt where I spend time each year and of course also in Southern Europe. I really think they are cute, and I also love their feet. Not scared of them at all, but I know many people who are. Now that is ridiculous. LOL. Not mentioning me being scared of that other thing from the flickr image ;-D

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