Friday Fragments

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Things about which I am glad:

Despite my fears I did not have an excruciating back spasm and find myself swearing loudly in the middle of delivering my Parents & Citizens Association President’s report to the hall packed with the entire families of nearly every student at my kids’ school.

When Caitlin tried to pick the front door lock with a stick this afternoon she broke a piece of stick off inside it thus preventing the key from fitting in the lock. The sliding security door uses the same key as the front door (which was the only key I had with me) and the bolt that slots into the floor on the inside of the glass sliding door was undone. So I could still get into the house. The broken off stick was successfully removed with the aid of a large needle. So I didn’t have to pay for a locksmith.

There are just three days of school left.

I remembered to get the kids to make cards for Adam’s birthday tomorrow, even if I did have to get them back out of bed to do it.

There are fairy lights all through the trees and shrubs in my front garden – it’s like living in a fairy grotto. We don’t so much put our Christmas lights up as chuck them semi-randomly into the garden, I like it that way.

Wednesday next week is David’s last day in Primary School. I do not anticipate getting teary over this.

My Mum came over this afternoon and helped clean up the house for our Christmas party tomorrow, she supervised the de-chaos-ing of the kids’ rooms. I think if I’d had to do that on my own today there’d have been murder done. My Mum is made of awesome, I may have said this before.

Did I mention that school finishes next week? And that it’s a short week? Only three days!

Oh, and my back seems to be all better now, I was a bit worried that I would still be in pain when it was time to head off on our camping trip but it looks like I’ll be fine.

Things about which I am less thrilled:

My dad, who’s bipolar, gave us all a bit of a scare on the weekend when it became apparent that he was a little bit, or possibly even a lot, manic. Thankfully his doctor had already begun adjusting Dad’s medication and he’d started to come down again by mid-week. Dad’s only had one full on manic episode, it was pretty devastating.

I have not yet managed to find the time or motivation to bake any fruit mince pies. Brendan is going to kill me unless I get my arse into gear tomorrow morning.

The kids all drank huge glasses of milk with their dinner tonight and now there’s no milk for the morning.

Tidbits from Tom:

On being given toad in a hole* for breakfast: “No toads were harmed in the making of this hole.”

On how he feels about his drama award: “I’m like a cat contemplating its second name** and feeling proud.”

*Yeah, I know, the egg version isn’t really toad in a hole.

**Referencing T.S. Elliot’s The Naming of Cats

“But I tell you, a cat needs a name that’s particular,
A name that’s peculiar, and more dignified,
Else how can he keep up his tail perpendicular,
Or spread out his whiskers, or cherish his pride?”

13 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. Thanks for stopping by! How funny about the possum. Some folks think that the squirrels eating the bird seed is a nuisance, but I think they are so cute to watch, yes, I go through more seed, but I'm an equal opportunity feeder!My mother loves mince pies… very few in the US do, I'm learning to like it too!

  2. Love your list!! Thank goodness about the stick in the lock situation. I think I would have lost my cool if one of my kiddos did that!Hallie 🙂

  3. This Ozarks farm chick thinks Possums are nasty varmints. No toads were harmed….Heeeheeehee…your crackin' the Ozarks farm chick up!!!From the Missouri hills and hollers, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  4. Glad your presentation without a hitch or a back spasm… :)Only 3 days of school left? Do you have a panic button? ;)Fairy lights…I love it!Since your Mum is made of awesome and is a professional kid room de-chaos-er, think she'll want to come out here and de-chaos Princess Nagger's room for me? I could sure use some awesome help. ;)Sorry about your dad – glad that the doctor is on the ball and already had some medication adjustments going on.I've never tried fruit mince pie…Tom is hilarious!!Happy FF! 🙂

  5. The stick in the lock? I have a similar situation with the end of the headphone plug stuck in the radio when the headphones snapped out. Radio is now useless. Wonder if a locksmith could pick that out for me?

  6. Tom is a clever fellow!! I'm just more and more impressed by him!We put out lights for the first time this year. I'm so used to Christmas being cold… it would be odd to me to have lights out in the warm months!

  7. Ahhhh, my weekly education on all thing's Aussie! My lesson this week? Apparently, ya'll have your summer break in December & January? I just cannot wrap my head around that!~Elizabeth

  8. So glad that you didn't have to call a locksmith, they can be expensive! I would love to see pictures of your "fairy grotto." And I loved how you described how you put out lights…that sounds like my kind of a job.Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. So, along those lines, would the name "Gus" be appropriate? I think so. :)Way to go on a faint/puke-free report to your audience :)Mental illness is tough on families. I'm glad your dad is taking care of himself again.Thanks for playing this week 🙂

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