Friday fragments – flotsam and jetsam edition

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I seem to have rediscovered my blog this week and gone on a bit of a posting spree, so that’s been good. Wonder how long that will last.

Anyway, let’s see if there’s any bits and pieces still floating around inside this brain of mine…*rattle* …*hang on, tip it the other way* …*look, there’s something stuck in there* …*clatter* …*plink* …*watch it! it’s getting away!* ….*clunk* …*splash!* …*damn it! you dropped it overboard!*….*quick, grab the net* ….*splosh*…*thunk* …*right, here we go* …*hmmm, not much here really*…


I followed up last week’s comedy of errors by completely forgetting that I had to take Tom to be fitted for Band uniform trousers at the school at some point this week and received a firmly expressed email reminder last night that today was the last day. Oops. We went this morning.


I also ended up with Tom home sick on Monday and by Wednesday the lurgi had well and truly got me too. On Thursday I didn’t get out of bed until after the kids came home from school. I’m currently feeling very grateful for my 2 half days of work a week that I can actually do from home if I need to and a husband who picks up the slack without hesitation (or indeed even being asked) when I’m out of commission.


The fish in the tank we gave Adam’s mum for Christmas have been breeding. She started with 4 platies and ended up with about 40. Her tank is not big enough for that many platies, but ours is, so Adam did a couple of fish relocations and we now have at least 20 cute little red and black platy babies in our big fish tank. I’m not sure what we do if they all keep breeding at this rate. Perhaps we annoy all my kids’ friends’ parents by giving baby fish as birthday presents. I’m sure that’d be a huge hit.


Now for some things I’ve found floating around the intertubes this week.

Dr Who meets Castle Anthrax, beware spoilers for “Vampires of Venice”

The world’s biggest beaver dam. Beaver are pretty amazing, they transform the landscape and these ones have built a structure that can be seen from space.

“Researcher Jean Thie said…he used satellite imagery and Google Earth software to locate the dam, which is about 850 metres (2,800 feet) long on the southern edge of Wood Buffalo National Park.”

Photo credit: (AFP/HO/S. Anderson)

“Ignore Stephen Baldwin – Restore Joss Whedon” – seriously bizarre, but not nearly so bizarre as the original video on which this one is based, which sadly I can’t show you as it’s been made private. Can’t imagine why they’ve done that…

“Brontë Sisters Power Dolls” – I want a Brontësaurus for my birthday please.


That’s the lot from me on this fabulous Friday (well, it’s pretty fabulous now that’s it’s over, it wasn’t looking quite so attractive at the beginning of the day). For more Friday Fragments head on over to Half-Past Kissin’ Time!

6 thoughts on “Friday fragments – flotsam and jetsam edition

  1. Truly, the Bronte sisters action figures are hilarious! I used to be an English literature teacher – I SOOOOO want one!That Beaver dam is incredible! Plus, I like using the word "dam." Immature, I know. But Hubby and I vacation in Breckenridge, Colorado, near a town called Dillon…which has a dam, and a brewery near the dam. We like to say we're going to the "dam brewery" then laugh like nerds.

  2. @Doreen They seem to manage just fine on the ordinary fish food even when they're new born and by the time we got these ones they'd already grown a fair bit so there's no need for any special food.@Coby Heheh 🙂 Being silly about words is a great pleasure in life!

  3. lol about giving all the fish as bday gifts! i'd have to kill you! ;)hope you're feeling better now. your husband sounds like a great catch!!

  4. Ah, we're starting the fish tank madness around here. We were going to get a goldfish, and it's quickly devolved into a nightmare of chemicals and filters and AGH!!

  5. So, you've been a prolific poster, have you? I'll try to keep up!hahaGlad you weren't down for too long. I've been trying to kick something, too. I went to bed at 10pm last night, which tells you something!hahaBlame it on your band geek–It's his fault 🙂

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