Blacktown Medieval Fayre

Unknown Mami

I have a new apron dress! This is very exciting! No, really!

It started with a beautiful length of handwoven woollen cloth made by the very talented Pat which I bought at the Armidale Easter camp. I made a piece of tablet weaving with the intention of using it for the straps on the dress. The cloth and the braid sat looking at me expectantly while I dithered for weeks on account of really having no idea what to do next. Then this morning, I was talking to Deb, and the subject of how much I hate sewing came up, one thing led to another, a little bit of barter came in to play, and the next thing I know she’s hand sewing my dress for me, with an antler needle and hand-spun woollen thread and using hand-made brass pins no less! And the best bit? Not one scrap of either the cloth or the braid was wasted.

Me in my new apron dress with Deb, seamstress extraordinaire.

My new apron dress

We were at the Blacktown Medieval Fayre with the Ancient Arts Fellowship as part of a living history display this weekend.

The Ancient Arts Fellowship encampment

Ancient Arts Fellowship encampment

Adam had his pole lathe set up and we had the tent with our replica Viking bed on display.

The kids hanging out in our tent

The kids in our tent

The group’s camp kitchen attracted much interest as various meals were cooked, lunch on Saturday was coq au vin, Saturday dinner was beef stew with dumplings while Sunday lunch was pumpkin soup with bacon and sour cream followed by a lamb stew.

Adam in the kitchen

Adam in the kitchen
Beef stew with dumplings

Beef stew with dumplings

The Craft Geteld

The craft geteld

The Craft Geteld housed a display of textiles crafts, we had drop spindle spinning of both wool and flax, tablet weaving, sewing, naalbinding, embroidery, viking wire weaving and finger loop braiding happening at various times during the day.

That empty seat next to Deb is where I spent most of today.

Spinning, weaving, sewing

There was jousting, fighting, executions, pike and musket drills, theatrical swordplay, plenty of market stalls and even free pony and camel rides. Tom had three camel rides and neither Adam or I were there to take a photo of any of them. Independent kids are such a trial!

I was going to throw a whole bunch of other photos in here too but my Flickr upload is taking for freakin’ EVER and I am very, very tired. So I’m going to bed. But I may add more photos in the morning. Or I might not. Who knows!

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20 thoughts on “Blacktown Medieval Fayre

  1. Wuhoo … how wonderful is this. What an interesting circuit you belong to. I could not go to this one, had I even known it was on. I was at the Writers' Festival for the last three days.This looks just terrific. Just one thing … you said barter came into play. Is it polite to ask what you traded for the sewing?

  2. cool fun! We have a renfest in our town in September. It is a huge ~ people love it. Hope you had a blast~

  3. I love my braid. Thank you :)But frankly I would have done it for the pleasure of doing it. It was a first for me. The hand sewing with the antler needle and hand spun thread that is. And the cloth was so lovely to work with. That I got it all done today was a blast too. Even with the occasional interruption of how to spin, naalbinding and demonstrate the fire striker.I'm still on a high from that. My poor husband's ear is bleeding.

  4. Beef stew with dumplings!!! That looks seriously good.What a blast this Fair is. You're rocking the apron dress too!What a great time. Thanks for sharing.Happy SMIC,jj

  5. Now that is one seriously amazing adventure, what fun. I love your new dress, great bartering!

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