Menu plan Monday

I can’t get my printer to work so I’m putting this here instead of pinning it to my notice board in the kitchen. It’s probably no more likely to get looked at here than as a file on my laptop, but it makes me feel better.

Day Date Breakfast Lunch Activities Dinner
Mon 7/6/10 Cereal, toast and fruit Vegetable & barley soup 5:30pm Drama
Grandy for dinner
Bangers and mash Fruit & yogurt
Tues 8/6/10 Porridge Packed lunch at office 8:15am Tutoring
Sports uniforms for Tom & Cait
7pm P&C Band meeting
Spaghetti Bolognese + salad
Rhubarb & apple crumble
Wed 9/6/10 Cereal, toast and fruit Packed lunch at office 7:30am Band
4:30pm Flute
4:45pm Song & Dance
Mango chicken curry & rice
Fruit & yogurt
Thurs 10/6/10 Boiled eggs & toast At canteen 8:15am Tutoring
9:30am Canteen PHHS
3pm Choir
5pm Ballet/Hip Hop
7pm French
Beef bourguignon
Fruit & yogurt
Fri 11/6/10 Cereal, toast and fruit Vegetable & barley soup 8am Dance Prosciutto baked pork fillet + salad & mashed potato
Ice cream
Sat 12/6/10 Scrambled eggs, bacon and grilled veg Homemade pizza
Fruit & yogurt
Sun 13/6/10 Cereal, toast and fruit Birthday lunch somewhere! Grandma’s birthday French onion soup & bread
Fruit & yogurt

Hey, look at that – nothing planned for Saturday yet! Hmmm, what to do, what to do?

13 thoughts on “Menu plan Monday

  1. Argh. Unlike wordpress, blogger REALLY doesn't like excel generated tables. Bear with me while I beat my head against an html formatting brick wall.

  2. Damn it. I made the table work but I have no idea where all the extraneous white space before it is coming from.

  3. Is this a list to get your kids to pitch in and help with the cooking, or just a list so that you have a plan for meals? I need to get my kids cooking more!

  4. Just a meal plan, the list for getting the kids to help is already printed and pinned to the notice board! We have a 3 week rotating roster for their jobs one of which is "help with the cooking" it's Tom's turn this week.

  5. Hee! I decided on French Onion Soup for Sunday too – with french bread and Gruyere cheese too.

  6. Huh. I edited the post in blogger draft to add a "read more" break and the white space went away. So I deleted the break and it stayed fixed. Identical coding to before but now it's behaving, all very mysterious.

  7. Great! You're bringing a packed lunch at work, that's a good idea. And I would like to offer you something that you can use daily especially when you pack your lunch. I have known a very incredible eco-friendly stuff. I want to suggest this to you because the design and style of this container is very amazing. You won't have any difficulty in carrying it with you even if you pack 4 or 5 different dishes/snacks. Moreover, it is much safer than plastic products/plastic bags. You'll surely love it. =)

  8. Your French Onion soup got me thinking so much about that delicious concoction that I also am planning to have this soup for dinner tomorrow night….though what I REALLY feel like doing is coming to your house for dinner…every night for the next week!Ruth

  9. Oh I wish I was that organized. My planning involves opening the fridge and scratching my head when I'm hungry.

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