One room pretty much sorted

The study is now downstairs and functioning. There’s still a bit of sorting through of the stuff in the cupboard and on the bookshelf in there and an awful lot of sorting through what’s been left behind in the old study to do, but we’ll get through that eventually.

The study is up and running

Tom in his corner

Before we could begin moving desks we needed to clear a path so we could take them through the garage to the back yard, back in through the rumpus room and along the downstairs hallway to the study. This was not a trivial exercise and we didn’t really deal with the clutter so much as move it around.

Drive-through garage - cue mocking laughter
Rumpus room
Rumpus room/gym
Downstairs hallway

I really wish I had after photos of all those areas showing off  a complete absence of clutter but hey, it turns out we’re only human.

The garage looks pretty much the same because we just shifted stuff out of the way and then put it back again.

The rumpus room doesn’t look much better either and what’s worse, my bedroom now looks like this:

My bed is somewhere under all that

The downstairs hallway has accumulated a slightly different collection of clutter, including the almost empty wine rack which we decided wasn’t going to fit in the study after all.

Not much progress here

After doing all that I decided that seeing I was on a roll I’d do something I’d been planning on for a while. I got Adam to help me dismantle the top bunk in David’s room so he could actually sit up in bed to read and I wouldn’t hit my head every time I tried to kiss him goodnight (it was a very low bunk).

If only the other half of his room was even remotely close to this tidy.  

So much better without the top bunk

What am I going to do with half a bunk bed and a crappy old mattress?

What am I going to do with this?

Now all that remains to do for the evening is finish watching Jaynestown, drink the rest of that glass of muscat sitting on the coffee table and then unearth my bed so I can get into it!

6 thoughts on “One room pretty much sorted

  1. My lounge room is a mess of kid' stuff and my stuff and otherwise chaos. You shit me.I am now only hoping that one day I will move to a whole new place and leave the chaos behind. šŸ™‚ It will have a kitchen with both a walk in pantry AND walk in appliance cupboard.Yes, this is what it takes to mitigate my jealousy.

  2. Ha. Don't worry, there's plenty of my house that's still in a state of utter disarray, wait till you see the photo of how the old study looks at the moment!

  3. That's great. Though supervising the kids' computer use is going to be that much harder if they are downstairs.Also: I love those hearts on the right. It's so pretty, I'd like to have it on my wall. šŸ™‚

  4. There's a lock on the new study door, they won't be able to get in there without my permission and mostly I'll try to be either in there with them or in the next room while they're online. Like I was this morning when they woke me up by sneaking in there at 7am. It's actually better than having computers upstairs because David had been getting up very early on school mornings (sometimes 5am) to get online and we weren't hearing him. With the study right next to our bedroom, that won't be happening any more!

  5. OK, I need advice if you have any …. what good timing… I am about to take EVERYTHING out of my daughter's room …. paint the ceiling, put up a fan, tear out the carpet (not that I can afford new carpet yet lol!)…. box things, get rid of furniture…. I have a place I am going to stack everything… I have boxes too…. so changing out one room is going to make two rooms horrible… ack!

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