Saturday should be for slumber

The only downside to having moved the computers behind a locked door is that the kids can no longer get up on a weekend morning, go online, and leave us undisturbed till mid to late morning. Both the boys visited us in our bedroom before 8am. Haven’t had to deal with that other than on birthdays for many years.

And here we have another exciting adventure in the battle against the clutter monster. Actually, I’m not sure this counts as a clutter problem so much as an OMG! My kitchen has exploded! problem. Adam has been working on the clutter left over in what was the study while I got to grips with this:

I was only sick for one day…
I was only sick for one day...
This space suffers from flat surface syndrome.

Despite the passage of time indicated by the clock in the photos I didn’t really spend almost 5 hours on this, we did have lunch and I took a break for coffee, but otherwise my Saturday afternoon has been spent mostly in this room. Blah. But it is nice to have it done. Well, mostly done, some of the clutter from the old study seems to be ending up on the table. It’d better not end up on my benches though, or there’ll be consequences. *glares narrow-eyed at anyone who might dare encroach on newly cleared surfaces*

Look! I found the bench-tops!
Well, that's an improvement
And unearthed the coffee machine!
Coffee anyone?

I also cleaned out the science experiments in the fridge, but I decided against taking any photos of that because ewwwww!

I am now going to eat fish and chips for dinner, if I can succeed in persuading Adam to go buy it, and then run off to a friends place for a girls night in which promises to feature booze and Singstar. (Apparently I only covet sleep in the mornings.)

5 thoughts on “Saturday should be for slumber

  1. our house suffers from the same strain of Flat Surface Syndrome…and ive also spent the majority of my saturday night in the kitchen! cooking and clean at the same time ;)not quite photo ready yet

  2. I'm loving all this virtual patting on the back, it's very encouraging :-)@Amy Singstar is a Playstation karaoke game, best played slightly inebriated with a whole bunch of good friends, preferably in a soundproof room 😉

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