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After having just a little too much fun last night I woke this morning wanting nothing more than to curl up on the lounge and pretend I had no responsibilities for the day. But we had Plans and there was to be no wriggling out of them! We dropped David at a friend’s place for the day and off we went to the city to visit the Art Gallery. It’s amazing how much difference it makes to be one kid down, everything seemed so much easier, even when Tom decide the exhibition we’d gone to see (Paths to Abstraction 1867-1917) was the most boring thing ever.

The Art Gallery of NSW
The Art Gallery of NSW
The Art Gallery of NSW
Across the road from the art gallery is a big park called The Domain, the far side of it is a big open space which is used for events such as concerts and political rallies and the like, but along Art Gallery Road there are gardens and masses of huge fig trees.

Fig trees in The Domain
Fig trees in The Domain
Moreton Bay Fig tree
Moreton Bay fig tree
Moreton Bay Fig tree
Moreton Bay Fig tree
Port Jackson Fig trees along Art Gallery Road
Port Jackson fig trees along Art Gallery Road
Self portrait
Self portrait
View of St Mary’s Cathedral from Art Gallery Road
St Mary's Cathedral
We went back to the car and drove over to The Rocks to have lunch at Löwenbräu Keller where I didn’t take any photos but was amused by the waitress greeting Adam with a big smile of recognition and “Hello, it’s lovely to see you again!”

We then wandered around the street markets that are on every weekend in The Rocks. We visited the honey shop and bought a sample pack of different honey varieties, Tom bought an Orthoceras from a bloke selling fossils, we spent a few pennies at a couple of lolly stalls and at the chocolate dipped strawberry seller, and popped into the Guylian Cafe for coffee and chocolates before heading for home.

Tom and Caitlin at The Rocks Markets
At the markets in The Rocks
We came home in time to fit in a walk to one of the local parks.
Off on a walk to the park
Off for a walk
Clara taking Adam for a drag
Basket ball with Dad
Basketball with dad
A slightly uneven contest?
Mum’s turn
Mum's turn
Basketball with mum
Tom in action
Next up, Tom.
As I write this post there is bread baking in the bread machine for us to have with some soup for dinner, along with Adam’s homemade ginger beer, and after that we’ll be fighting over sharing out the chocolate dipped strawberry skewers we bought at The Rocks Markets.
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Chocolate dipped strawberries

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13 thoughts on “Sundays in My City

  1. Wow such beautiful photos! I have two boys and when the older one is gone it's amazing how easy it is with just one kid! lolYou live in a beautiful country!

  2. Chocolate strawberries– YEAH BABY! Yum.The fig trees are so beautiful– So's your Self portrait!Happy SIMC, jj

  3. stopping by from simc. sorry comment so late but its been a busy day and we didnt get in until this evening. that is a beautiful cathedral. Im in love with them. its one of my favorite things to photograph. i love they have any postcards of this place ?take care, hugs ria.

  4. Those fig trees are so intersting!Looks like a fun Sunday! And my 1st thought when I saw the strawberries is "Is that a chocolate covered fig?" haha

  5. Sorry I'm late but I've been in bed for two days – terrible flu. Not well yet but I want to visit my SIMC friends and then back to bed…I love those fig trees. "Viikunapuu" in Finnish :)Have a great week ahead!

  6. oh wonderful….thanks for the trip down memory lane….my best friend's dad was the director here for many years…i remember so well going there, then the domain with her…i always loved the road and all the gigantic fig trees.

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