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Time for the end of week mental declutter that is Friday Fragments. Let’s see what’s floating about in here shall we?


I did my 6th Kiva loan this week, which apparently makes me an average Kiva lender. Must do better. I’m going to stop buying Macca’s coffee on work mornings and instead do a Kiva loan each month. There’s a perfectly good coffee machine at work anyway.


The church notice board that I was venting about on Thursday last week has gone from offensive to merely bemusing. It now reads “Without God the world is like a door off its hinges.” I invite speculation as to meaning in the comments, my first thought was “can now be used as an improvised table-top?”


There’s a new Terry Pratchett book on the way, I’ve pre-ordered my copy of I Shall Wear Midnight and can’t wait for more of Tiffany and the Nac Mac Feegle.


This week there have been only two days on which I posted Creating order from chaos pics. What a slacker! Here are today’s feeble efforts.

The notice board, which wasn’t really that bad (oh yes, it’s been worse in the past) but things kept falling off it because there were too many sheets of paper stuck on with the one pin.

Before and After
The notice boardNotice board culled

The cupboard behind the notice board. I do not like the way the shelves in this cupboard sag. It’s freaky. I keep having visions of one of the shelves giving way and all the glassware and stoneware coming crashing down through the floor into the stairwell below. Probably on top of my head.

Too many breakable things piled on top of other breakable things.
Mugs, wine glasses 'n' stuff

I worked my way up from the bottom shelf to the top. When I got to the top shelf I looked at it, pulled out one bag of stuff, stood there holding it for a while. Then put it back and left it for another day.

Looking much less precarious.
There, that looks a little less precarious

My Dad
My Dad

Dad took me out to lunch today. We went to a Japanese restaurant at Hornsby called Kibou which I had heard good things about and which Dad has been to often enough that he didn’t have to specify which beer he wanted. It was goooooood. I’m a terrible food blogger though, I kept starting to eat before taking a photo!

Seaweed salad
Seaweed salad at Kibou
Gyoza at Kibou
Teriyaki chicken with salad, rice and miso
Teriyaki Chicken
Sashimi at Kibou
I arrived home just as the kids were coming in from the bus stop and was greeted with much laughter and by this sight.

Guess we’ll be needing new track pants then.
Tom arrives home

It seems they got a little over-stressed during sport. I’m so glad they have fully lined track pants and that he was able to find this highly amusing instead of totally traumatising!


That’s it from me today, I’m off to post a package containing Vegemite and Tim Tams to an unsuspecting blogger somewhere (hint, it’s our lovely Friday Fragments host). Well, she knows the package is coming, but Vegemite is guaranteed to be surprising, forewarned or not! Don’t forget to go visit other Fragmented Folks, head on over to Half-Past Kissin’ Time to see what everyone’s been up to this week.

7 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. mmm, japanese looks good!regarding the door, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest "not doing what it's designed to do". although I'm fully expecting to be shot down in flames ;)Enjoy your weekend, you deserve a break! So do I come to think of it, but I might have to wait a few more weeks 😦

  2. Oh, I can think of multiple possible explanations for the door thing, but it's still a remarkably silly simile to stick on a church notice board because it's not terribly clever or funny and it requires explaining. You want a message that makes people go "Ha! That's clever" or "Ooo, I never thought of it that way." Instead, with something like that you get "Huh? What's that supposed to mean? Not finished being built yet?"

  3. Great Friday Fragments. I need to organize some things around here too. Lunch looked great, esp the chicken. Yummo.Have a great weekend

  4. Ooooh, can you come to my house and organize my countertop? The small one to the left of the sink is where all of my papers and miscellaneous crap seem to collect.I'm jealous of your lovely lunch! Certainly makes my yogurt and leftover soup seem pretty boring.Happy Friday!

  5. That lunch really did look good! I have finally sort of learned how to put links and pictures in my posts. I am super excited about that and cannot wait to get really good at it. You are inspiring me to clean my office..I wish I could find the energy..have a great weekend!

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