Corn, cucumber and capsicum salad

Purely so I don’t forget what I did:

Tom’s birthday dinner last night was, by request from the birthday boy, nachos, and because I decided I wanted some extra veggies I grabbed these things:

1 420g can corn kernels drained
1 lebanese cucumber, diced
1/2 red capsicum, diced
olive oil, a drizzle
white wine vinegar, a splash
garlic powder
dried coriander leaves

And made this:

Corn, cucumber and capsicum salad

Corn, cucumber and capsicum salsa

And it was good. I had leftovers tonight and it was still good. What’s in the photo is the leftovers of the leftovers, also known as tomorrow’s lunch.

6 thoughts on “Corn, cucumber and capsicum salad

  1. I didn't even know what a capsicum was until I looked it up on google – turns out it's what we in Canada call a Red Bell Pepper…which I love!!Thanks for the recipe, Mim.Blessings,Ruth

  2. Fresh coriander would be even better I'm sure! But I didn't have any 🙂 Mint, hmmm dunno, I could see vietmanese mint working with that bit of heat to it. I'm a great believer in the taste it and see approach to food though, so if you have it on hand and it seems like a good idea then go for it!

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