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It’s been a while since I did a Friday Fragments post and I’ve missed them! So here I am back again with the bits and pieces that have been rattling around in my head just waiting to be thrown together in a tossed thought salad and shared with all you lovely bloggy people out there.

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I was pulled up at lights behind a cement mixer one morning and found myself reading a sign on the back of the truck that began like this:

“Attention Please!

Our drivers are instructed to leave the site immediately if they are subjected to verbal abuse or physically threatened in any way.”

It makes me really sad that people have to work in environments that make a company feel it necessary to adopt something like that as an official policy.

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On Wednesday I went out for dinner with friends I met when I joined a local mothers group after Tom was born. It was quite a large group to begin with but over time it settled down into a group of four of us who still occasionally get together. Very occasionally now as one of us went and moved to Italy! Anyway, Cathy was here in Sydney for a holiday and we seized the moment. I went to pick Cathy and Malyn up from Malyn’s house. I was wearing a red t-shirt, Cathy came to the door wearing a red top too (identical shade even), I laughed and said “We match!” Then Malyn came to the door wearing, go on, guess…a red t-shirt. When we met up with Romaine at the restaurant she protested “Why didn’t anyone tell me we were wearing red?”

We had a scrumptious Thai meal and talked till we got chucked out of the restaurant. I do not see these people nearly often enough and I completely failed to get a photo 😦

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I blame the photo forgetfulness on the ear infection. I blame the ear infection on the weather but I’m counting my lucky stars because for once I did not get the ear infection whilst on a dark ages camping trip. No, this time it waited till we came home from the trip.

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The trip in question being Beorgwic, which was wet and awesome as usual. Deb and I taught a glass bead making workshop, Adam helped out with the blacksmithing workshops, the kids played with fire all weekend and we ate and drank and talked and had a fabulous time.

Mim in the tent

Feast time in the tavern

Mead is fun :-)

Clara came too this year and had an absolute ball bolting all over the camp with her new bestest friend ever, a cattle dog named Ohana. When she wasn’t bolting all over the camp and stealing people’s breakfasts she was hiding in the tent from all that horrible wet stuff that kept falling from the sky.

“I’m not moving till you make the rain go away.”
Comfy Clara
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There’s currently a very large huntsman spider living in my bedroom, probably behind the bookshelves. I know this because when my ear woke me in excruciating agony at 3am a few nights ago I saw it crawling across the ceiling towards me. I poked Adam and pointed at the spider. He rolled over and mumbled “kill it?” Now, I do not condone the killing of innocent arachnids and this one had not yet trespassed beyond the point of no return (ie, it wasn’t actually in bed with us) so I considered the disruption to sleep that would be involved in trying to catch it and put it outside and decided that if I hadn’t been woken by my ear I’d never have known it was there and that therefore the logical thing to do was turn off the light, close my eyes and pretend it wasn’t happening. So I did. Well, I turned off the light and watched in the glow of the clock radio as it continued across the ceiling. I held my breath for a while then breathed again as it veered off to the left and went behind the bookshelf. THEN I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. I presume it’s still in there somewhere.

In the morning I described the spider on Facebook as being a little smaller than my hand, Adam commented to assure me that it had in fact been somewhat larger than that. He’s so helpful.

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Caitlin’s bedroom is all done aside from getting the new built-in wardrobe installed.

Caitlin's room

Caitlin's room

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I actually got a bit dressed up to go out for Caitlin’s 12th birthday party, we took 5 of her friends to teppanyaki for dinner. Then brought them back for pinata bashing, ice-cream cake eating and general running around like a bunch of 12 year olds hyped up on sugar before they settled down to watch Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog. Which they seemed to rather like. My work here is done, mwhahahahahahahahahaaaaa *ahem*
Outfit of the DayWeekMonth?
Dressed for Caitlin's 12th birthday party
Dress and cardi – Sara
Tights – We Love Colors
Shoes – Colorado
Necklace – Made by Mim 🙂 

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And last but not least, the Fuckh8 campaign video (NSFW!) Straight Talk About Gay Marriage from on Vimeo.

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Now, off you go to visit Mrs 4444 at Half-Past Kissin’ Time to check out all the other Friday Fragments posts!

12 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. GAH! Huntsman spiders are probably the biggest reason I think I could never live in Australia. So freaky. Love the purple rug!

  2. Oh no, Rachael, there are many more horrible creatures in Australia than huntsman spiders. And I say this as a first class arachnid. 🙂

  3. And now I am pissing myself laughing at my own idiocy (I'm blaming a week and a half of the pox) for calling myself an arachnid rather than an arachnaphobe….

  4. LOVE the purple rug, and the Fuckh8 campaign video. I love how far it's reached, I feel like every time I turn around someone else is posting it!That camping trip looks amazing. I'm a big fan of Renaissance Festival, and that looks like it would be even more fun! Minus the rain, of course.I hate spiders.

  5. I love your dress sense! Gosh, still cold there? We are so way into summer here. Already hot! Really looks like Clara had a fab time – all passed out asleep.Have an awesome weekend.

  6. Wow! That's a lot of catching up to do right there! Sounds like some wonderful times were had, I love your photos of the dark ages camping trip!

  7. It's almost 4am here. Can't sleep and now i WON'T sleep, thanks to you and your creepy spider story! I'll forgive you because those tights made me smile 🙂

  8. I love the tights. Your trip looked like lots of fun. The purple bedroom turned out very pretty. I be she loves it.Have a great new week.

  9. The kids played with fire all weekendI can't stop laughing at that. There's obviously something wrong with me 🙂

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