Outfit of the day. No, no occasion, just because.

I got up this morning, started to look for my jeans and then changed my mind. I wasn’t going anywhere special or anything but NEW SKIRT! So I wore it. It only seemed right to top the outfit off with the hat.

Apparently having Adam take photos of me brings out the goofy face.
OOTD - New skirt
Skirt – Torrid
Hat – Akubra from Strand Hatters
Top – Target
Tights – We Love Colors
Boots – Giovanna

11 thoughts on “Outfit of the day. No, no occasion, just because.

  1. I think you look totally adorable! I love your goofy face, and the offset patterns on the skirt is really funky.

  2. I like that you dolled up for no reason other than to feel good about yourself and your new skirt. Plus, you look beautiful.Ruth

  3. @Aphie – I should have got a shot of the back of the skirt, it has RUFFLES!Thanks all for the ego boosts :-)@Ariane – For all I know other people's might be, somewhere.@Cathy – It's something about the way he says "You're an ocelot!" as he points the camera at me 😉

  4. Ocelot! lol forever.Mim, I love love love that hat. Don't tell him, but the Boyfriend's birthday present is going to be a hat from Strand Hatters and I really fear that I'll end up leaving with one too…

  5. It's nigh on impossible to get out of that shop without one.The tricky bit about buying someone a hat is finding out their head size without them noticing.

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