OOTD – Another new necklace!

I’m off to Caitlin’s second dance concert of the week tonight and I’m taking my new fabulous fat necklace out for a spin Tunic – Autograph Leggings – Target Shoes – Mathers Necklace – Definatalie I didn’t get a close-up of the necklace in the outfit I’m wearing now, but here’s the one I took the day it arrived in the post. Continue reading OOTD – Another new necklace!

OOTD – I’ve been shopping edition

This week I managed to buy myself 3 new pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 tops, a dress and a crochet poncho thingy. I won’t show you everything at once because I’d look really strange wearing all those clothes layered on top of each other plus I’ve only got two feet and the shoes look very odd hanging from my ears. Here’s the first installment: Dress and poncho – Autograph Shoes – Zensu from Mathers And here’s what the dress looks like without the poncho: The shoes have passed the test of walking all over Westfield for several … Continue reading OOTD – I’ve been shopping edition

OOTD – Necklace pressie edition

This whole post is really just here so I can show off the lovely pendant in the last photo, but hey, may as well get the whole ensemble on record as well. There’s that bloody hat again.  Hat – Strand hatters Necklace – gift Top – Torrid Pants – Target Shoes – Colorado I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what elicited that look from me when I asked Adam to photograph the pendant. My beautiful 40th birthday present from my brother and his family Continue reading OOTD – Necklace pressie edition

Outfit of the day. No, no occasion, just because.

I got up this morning, started to look for my jeans and then changed my mind. I wasn’t going anywhere special or anything but NEW SKIRT! So I wore it. It only seemed right to top the outfit off with the hat. Apparently having Adam take photos of me brings out the goofy face. Skirt – Torrid Hat – Akubra from Strand Hatters Top – Target Tights – We Love Colors Boots – Giovanna Continue reading Outfit of the day. No, no occasion, just because.

On being fat and visible

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, it’s kind of my little bit of Fat Activism and the reasons for doing it have been written about by a bunch of other people much more eloquently than I’m up to doing at present (or ever probably). The short version* is that I’m fat, I’m ok with that and I’m going to share pictures of myself because it helps to drive home the message that fat people are, well, people. People like me. People who are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity and not vilified, objectified … Continue reading On being fat and visible