In which I am grateful for small mercies

I was first in the shower this morning, mostly because the kids apparently decided they didn’t need one today. I turned on the water and waited for the hot to come through. And waited. And waited. And thought “That’s odd…and not good.”

Seeing as I was already there I went ahead and showered in the barely above cold tap temperature water coming from the hot tap, it got even colder as I rinsed.

As I came out of the bathroom and headed down to our bedroom I called to Adam “We have no hot water.”


“You heard me.”

As I got dressed, Adam went to investigate and here is where the small mercies comes in. The flood of water spouting from the split side of the OUTDOOR hot water tank was running down the hill AWAY from the back of the house.

Looks like it’s time to go solar.

6 thoughts on “In which I am grateful for small mercies

  1. There are no problems, only opportunities. :)Just one minor query – how long will a new solar hot water service take?

  2. Oh no! ('Though I'd be grateful for the water going in the other direction too.)We have instant gas hot water here, which usually fine. But when there is a power outage, the system turns itself off, and you have to press a button (tough, huh) to get it going again. Which I usually only remember to do AFTER I have woken up, late, because the alarm on the electric clock hasn't gone, and stumbled into the shower, and waited, shivering, for the water to warm up.

  3. How long? We're about to find out…haven't got around to calling yet.We may be driving to Westleigh for showers for a while, thanks for the offer Mum!Deb, I want instant gas hot water but the gas pipes don't come into our cul-de-sac 😦

  4. Temporary hot water is going in tomorrow for which there is no charge. We could have had the new solar put in this Wednesday, they keep their booked jobs a little spread out to accommodate emergencies (how civilized!) but we have to liberate some cash first so it'll be next week some time instead.

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