Finally! I made something!

My lounge room has been taken over by boxes of bead trays and I’m not feeling much inclined to put them away again any time soon so I might even make more stuff in the next few days. I’m rather excited by this, it’s been months since I made any jewellery!

I only have one finished necklace from today to show you, plus a couple of pieces of tablet weaving I did ages ago that have been waiting to have their pictures taken. They’ll all go in to the shop shortly.

Moss agate, brown zebra stone and sterling silver necklace.
Moss agate, brown zebra stone and sterling silver necklace
Kivrim tablet weave.
Kivrim tablet weave
The zig-zaggy pattern I don’t have a name for.
Tablet weaving

Now, make more jewellery or feed the children?

6 thoughts on “Finally! I made something!

  1. It's for decorative trim on reenactment clothing mostly, and yes, for belts. You can also use it for guitar straps, dog leads, bag straps etc

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