Sunday snippets

We re-strung the clothes line yesterday so of course it rained today and is forecast to do so all week. Ariane claims she is responsible but I think we made some contribution at least.

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Today Adam and I dismantled Caitlin’s old loft bed, finished cleaning up her old bedroom and turned it into our gym. This involved moving the treadmill, exercise bike and weights machine from the half of the rumpus room that is not our bedroom, out the back door and back into the new gym. We did this in the rain. We decided not to move the lounge from the upstairs lounge room, out the front door, up to the top of the driveway, down the driveway, through the impassable garage of hobby associated junk, out into the backyard and then back into the rumpus room. I maintain that this decision was due simply to not wanting it to get wet and had nothing to do with the daunting prospect of a) clearing a path through the garage and b) carrying the damn thing all that way. We will be moving it before the end of the week though. Somehow.

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Adam is making sourdough again. Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow!

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I have been putting together a wish list by using Pinterest, so far there’s not much on it, but there is something there that I really, really Must Have. It’s these:

Time for a ThinkGeek order perhaps…

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Adam is awesome. He has done so much cleaning up around the house this weekend, way more than me – I keep having to stop and rest because the heat an humidity does me in awfully quickly. He’s still at it now while I’m here blogging and he hasn’t so much as hinted that I ought to be helping him. Which I should have been. Don’t tell him, but I’m deeply appreciative and I owe big time.

4 thoughts on “Sunday snippets

  1. Heat and humidity, huh? Hard to believe (but I believe you! It's just so weird!)I'll have to check out that Pinterest thingy…

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