Wordless-ish Wednesday

Clara letting Tom use her as a pillow
Clara letting Tom use her as a pillow

Tom spent a good part of Sunday afternoon and of Monday morning like this. I was amazed that Clara put up with it for as long as she did.

Clara and Tom
Clara and Tom

Tom has generously shared the lurgi that got him sent home from school on Friday with most of the family. Dave was the first to go down followed by Adam and now me. I’m currently lying on my bed with an ill husband, the dog and a cat. The cat just stood on my queasy tummy. Adam wishes it to be known that he has it worst as he has man-flu. But as I’m the one that just threw up, and he hasn’t as yet, I don’t give that much credence.

7 thoughts on “Wordless-ish Wednesday

    1. Adam’s idea of having the man-flu apparently includes unpacking and repacking the dishwasher, driving his son to a music lesson, promising to finish making 6 tablet weaving looms and then going off to play computer games with his other son. He has to be REALLY sick to actually stay in bed and be pathetic for very long, I think he was in bed before because that’s where I am 😉

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